• Books for 4th & 5th Graders

    1. Nerds: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society by Michael Buckley

    While running a spy network from their elementary school, five unpopular misfits combine their talents and use cutting-edge gadgetry to fight evil around the world.


    2. Wild Things by Clay Carmichael 

    Stubborn, self-reliant, eleven-year-old Zoe, recently orphaned, moves to the country to live with her prickly half-uncle, a famous doctor and sculptor, and together they learn about trust and the strength of family.


    3. Be A Genie In Six Easy Steps by Linda Chapman

    Four new stepsiblings move from London to an out-of-the-way English village, where they discover a book--inhabited by a grouchy bookworm--that promises to make the reader a wish-granting genie.


    4. The Last Newspaper Boy in America by Sue Corbett

    Wil's paper route is canceled when a large newspaper stops delivery to Wil's small town, but with the help of his clueless brother, a neighborhood friend, and the basic principles of physics, Wil finds a way to save his route and help his customers.


    5. The Unfinished Angel by Sharon Creech

    In a tiny village in the Swiss Alps, an angel meets an American girl named Zola who has come with her father to open a school, and together Zola and the angel rescue a group of homeless orphans, who gradually change everything.


    6. Bettina Valentino and the Picasso Club by Niki Daly

    A controversial new teacher at Bayside Preparatory School introduces the exciting world of art to aspiring artist Bettina Valentino and her fifth-grade classmates, encouraging them to see everyday life in a different way.


    7. School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari

    Twelve-year-olds Madeleine, Theo, and Lulu, and thirteen-year-old Garrison, are sent to a remote Massachusetts school to overcome their phobias, but tragedy strikes and the quartet must work together-- with no adult assistance--to face their fears.


    8. I Am Jack by Susanne Gervay

    Eleven-year-old Jack suffers terrible headaches as he worries that his grandmother will soon die, his mother's boyfriend will move in--or leave--and especially that the school bully will get revenge for Jack's ill-timed joke at his expense.


    9. Operation Yes by Sara Holmes

    In her first ever teaching job, Miss Loupe uses improvisational acting exercises with her sixth-grade students at an Air Force base school, and when she experiences a family tragedy, her previously skeptical class members use what they have learned to help out.


    10. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly

    In central Texas in 1899, eleven-year-old Callie Vee Tate is instructed to be a lady by her mother, learns about love from the older three of her six brothers, and studies the natural world with her grandfather, the latter of which leads to an important discovery.


    11.  Zoobreak by Gordon Korman

    After a class trip to a floating zoo where animals are mistreated and Savannah's missing pet monkey is found in a cage, Long Island sixth-grader Griffin Bing and his band of misfits plan a rescue.


    12. Crow Call by Lois Lowry

    Nine-year-old Liz accompanies the stranger who is her father, just returned from the war, when he goes hunting for crows in Pennsylvania farmland.


    13. Faith, Hope, and Ivy June by Phyllis Naylor

    During a student exchange program, seventh-graders Ivy June and Catherine share their lives, homes, and communities, and find that although their lifestyles are total opposites they have a lot in common.


    14. Half-Minute Horrors by Susan Rich

    An anthology of very short, scary stories by an assortment of authors and illustrators including Chris Raschka, Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Gaiman, Jack Gantos, and Lane Smith.


    15. Syren by Angie Sage

    Wolf Boy is sent on a Task by Aunt Zelda, while Septimus and the dragon, Spit Fyre, fly off to bring their friends home, but they all wind up on an island whose secrets are as dangerous as its inhabitants.


    16. The Terrible Secrets of the Tell-All Club by Catherine Stier

    When four fifth-grade friends complete a "tell-all" survey, tensions arise and come to a head during an overnight class trip.


    17. The Secret of Indigo Moon by G. Taylor

    Erik Morrissey Ganger and his friend, fourteen-year-old Sadie Dopple, meet a wealthy recluse while trying to escape tunnels under Isambard Dunstan's School for Wayward Children in order to pursue a former foe who has inadvertently kidnappedSadie's twin sister, Saskia.


    18. Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon

    Danny Dragonbreath and his friend Wendell get an up-close underwater tour of the Sargasso Sea from Danny's sea-serpent cousin, encountering giant squid and mako sharks--and learn about standing up to bullies in the process.


    19. The Locked Garden by Gloria Whelan

    After their mother dies of typhoid, Verna and her younger sister Carlie move with their father, a psychiatrist, and stern Aunt Maude to an asylum for the mentally ill in early-twentieth-century Michigan, where new ideas in the treatment of mental illness are being proposed, but old prejudices still hold sway.



    20. Star Wars: A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker by Ryder Windham

    Describes the life of Star Wars character Luke Skywalker, covering his childhood in Tatooine through his realization of who his father is.