• Application FAQ's

    How do I know if my application file is complete? An online application must be submitted using our database.  The following documents must be uploaded with your application:

    • Resume
    • College transcripts or high school diploma/GED
    • Educator certificate, if applicable
    • 3 Reference

    When will I be interviewed? Campus Administrators will review completed applications. The administrator exercises his or her discretion in determining which applicants to contact. We try to interview as many applicants as possible; however, not all applicants are interviewed. Interviews are based on vacancies and need.  

    I already have an online application.  How do I apply for new positions in the District?  You may update your application to reflect newly posted positions at any time. Enter your applicant ID and password to log into your application. Click on Job Postings, find the position interested in applying for and open that job posting. At the top of the page, you will see a link “To apply for this job click here”, click the link and that position will automatically be added to your application.

    I am receiving an error message when I try to upload my documents. How do I proceed? The application system will only accept documents which are 6 megabytes or smaller. Your documents may be too large.  You may convert Word documents to PDF by using the document converter feature located on the Supporting Documents page of the application.

    I am a teacher applicant who just graduated, and though I have applied for a teaching certificate, I will not receive it for some weeks. Will my application be considered incomplete until you receive my teaching certificate?  No, your application for certification is on-line as well as your certificate and both can be viewed by our Certification Specialist.
    I am out-of-state certified.  What do I need to do to get Texas Certified?  You must first go to the TEA website www.tea.texas.gov and click on the TEAL login button at the top of the page. You need to create a TEAL and ECOS user account. After you get your Educator button click it and off on the left-hand side of the page you will see the word ‘Applications’. Choose ‘Out of State Certified Applicants’ from the dropdowns. It will walk you through the process to request a Review of Credentials. After you apply they will ask for $160 fee, a copy of your out of state certificate and a complete set Official Transcripts. After the review is complete you will be notified if they can or cannot reciprocate on your out of state certificate.  If they can they will tell you what test you need to take to bring in each certification. If they can reciprocate on your out of state certificate they will also tell you that you qualify for a One Year Certificate. Do not ask for the One Year until you get a job and a start date with a Texas school district. You will apply for the One-Year Certificate after you are hired so that you and the district will be covered one year while you take all your test and get your Standard Texas Teaching Certificate in place.
    I cannot submit my application because my documents will not upload. How do I proceed? Applications may be submitted without uploading documents.  Log back into your online application and when you get to the supporting documents page, scroll to the bottom and select Continue.  However, failure to upload documents will delay the application process.  Review the tips for uploading documents on the supporting documents page of the application.

    Do I need to mail in official transcripts for the application process? No, a copy of your transcripts is sufficient at this point. Once you've been offered a position with AISD, you will be required to submit a complete set of official transcripts.

    Where do I send my official college transcript? Official college transcripts may be mailed to Human Resources at 612 E. Bethany Drive, Allen, Texas 75002.  All other application documents must be uploaded through the application system.
    May I obtain a copy of the reference check completed by my reference?  The completed reference check forms are confidential and for district use only.