• IB English – Vernon

    The comparative study – guidelines



    Comparative Analysis – guidelines



    A comparative study must be based upon at least two works of literature.  You must focus on some relevant link between the two works used for the assignment, and may reflect your own interests.


    You may choose, for your assignment, a topic which will focus on aspects such as:

    -  thematic development

    -  narrative technique

    -  characterization

    -  portrayal of the society in the literature

    -  international perspectives on common human problems

    -  cross cultural perspectives on the artist’s role in society




    In writing your assignment you should adopt the following approach

    -  The assignment must be a cogent piece of writing and should include some introductory and concluding remarks, within the conventions of writing formats in English

    -  The main body should consist of formal exposition and development of ideas, and it should constitute a reasoned argument.




    The introduction should include a thesis that defines the purpose and the argument of your paper.  It should tell the reader the nature of the topic and how it is to be approached.  It could, for example, include a brief statement about the aims of the assignment.


    The main body should reveal your insight into both of the works and your chosen appreciation of the link between the works.  A formal development of ideas is expected in the essay (which will include textual evidence).


    The conclusion should be a brief summary and personal evaluation of the discussion or the particular achievement of the writing.