•                               Battling with Books



    WHO?         Students in grades 3-6

    WHAT?       A Competition between Teams

    WHEN?       October - April

    WHY?          To encourage reading, foster friendly competition, and nurture the love of books


    Students in grades 3-6 are invited to form teams of 3-5 students.  These teams will be given a list of 10 books from a wide variety of authors and genres.  Students will read books from these lists, meet with team members to discuss the books, and be ready to test their knowledge.  Teams will meet monthly during the school day with the librarian.  

    Each team member is encouraged to keep an information sheet on each book so that it can be used to make notes, write questions, and include information which can be shared with other team members during the team meetings.

    All books will be available for checkout in the library.

    A competition will be held in March or April to determine the team winners at our school. 

    Who will be the top winners and reading champions of Chandler Elementary?
    The Battle is ON!!