Parents and other adults can do much to improve traffic safety around our school by driving cautiously, teaching children safe practices and following safe practices themselves.

    Traffic Safety Reminders:

    · Always use the crosswalk and teach your children to do the same. All pedestrians, including parents and caregivers, must use crosswalks even if it means that they have to walk a distance to get to one.

    · Avoid the use of cell phones when driving in school zones.

    · Do not get out of the car when in the drop off/pick up lane. If you must get out of your car to help your student get buckled up, please park in the parking lot and use the crosswalk to get your child and escort them to the car.

    · Pull forward in the drop off/pick up line as far as you can.

    · Keep an eye out for children at all times.

    Working together and adhering to all safety rules will help make Marion a safe and accident-free zone for our children and families. Thank you!

    REMEMBER: It is illegal to use your cell phone in a school zone.

Last Modified on August 29, 2018