• PBS Democracy for Kids
    This is a great link to learn how the government helps you, what goes on in elections, and what it's like to be president. Use the worksheet guide to make sure you don't miss anything!
    Comparing Two Cities
    Take a city tour, listen to city life, and explore the fact file comparing Belfast to Mexico City.
    Cultures Around the World
    Click on the "Cultures Around the World" to look deeply the Chinese New Year, Costa Rica, Ireland, and Mexico.
    Native American Technology and Art
    NativeTech's Online Interactive Games 
    Atlapedia Online
    This fantastic resource can take you all over the word with physical and political maps! This is a great atlas on the web.
    Color Landform Atlas of the United States
    Check out our great country by clicking on a favorite state! You'll see links to relief maps in both color and black and white--and photos from a satellite in space!
    Map Machine
    National Geographic takes you to visit the world and the many maps to get you there, including topographical maps. Social Studies for Kids: Economics
    Click on the drop down box to investigate and learn about the many concepts of business and trading.
    Biographies for Kids
    Lots of exciting people to meet!
    World Almanac for Kids
    You can find tons of cool stuff throughout The World Almanac for Kids Online. Believe it or not, they've been putting this information together since 1868!
    Explore the wonders of La Salle's shipwreck off the coast of Matagorda Bay. 
     Travel back in time to investigate the first inhabitants of Texas
    More about the first inhabitants of Texas
    You can discover how our state government is operated.