• Your Polycom VVX 500 Phone (this tutorial ONLY applies to Admin phones, not Classroom or Common Area Phones)

    Each organization who uses the Polycom phone can customize it to show or hide different features. Although not everything in this tutorial is available in AISD, you will be a step ahead by becoming aware of many features of the phone.  We are not using the swipe feature presented here or the calendar feature, but may in the future.  Also, because we are using Lync integration with our VOIP phones, we are not using the options to enter contacts directly on the phone, but instead will use/populate our Lync client contacts on the computer so that they'll show on the phone. Although the phone allows you to put in local contacts, the interoperability of Lync contacts warrants your attention.  If you have not already done so, you may consider adding some employee phone numbers that you frequently call to the Lync Frequent Calls group in your Lync Client and you will also want to "PIN" them to this group. 
    Did you know?
    1.  You can customize your View of Contacts on your phone by making some additions in the Lync client window?   If you wish to have specific users phone #s “Pinned” to your personal main screen, they must be added to your Frequent Contacts list or in your Lync/Skype Client.  Leverage this option!!!


    2. There is the home view:


    3.  Press the home key again and you'll see the Lines View where up to 10 "Pinned" frequent contacts can appear.
    4.  There are two kinds of transfers - a "Warm" transfer where you let the caller know you are transferring a call to them, and a "Blind" transfer where you simply move the call through without warning.  Instructions for transferring calls will be included in your new phone setup instructions.
    5.  You may temporarily forward your calls to another contact if you know you'll be away.  This is an alternative to allowing missed calls to flow to voicemail.
    6.   You may create a three way conference call from your phone? To initiate a 3 way conference call from your VOIP phone: 
    • Call the first person’s number from your phone and let them know you are setting up the conference since they are put on hold momentarily while you set up the conference.
    • On the phone, tap the “Conference” soft button and immediately dial the second person’s number, using the green phone button to complete the call.  Let the caller know you are placing them in the conference.
    • Tap the “Conference” soft button once more and the conference is initiated so that all three may talk.