• Accessories for the Polycom VVX 500
    The phone that you will receive is a simple phone.  We do understand that some of our employees will require some customization for their work situation.  Perhaps you need hands-free dialing.  You might look into the wireless headsets that are available for this model phone.  Or maybe you wish to use your computer's speakers and microphone (webcam) for calling instead of the phone itself.  Calling with Lync can be directly from your computer.
    Before considering any accessories, do your homework.  Look at Polycom's website to see which headsets are preferred for use with the VVX 500 phone.  Other than teacher workstations, you may be wanting to see the face of those you are speaking to, in which case, a webcam may be an alternative audio/video device.  We chose this phone because will have the capability to add a video camera to it in the future.  In any case, google the options and costs available.  If the technology office can get some quotes for you, just ask our secretary.
    From Polycom's website, this pdf provides information about compatibility of headset devices that can pair with the Polycom VVX 500 phone.