• College Admission / Student Timelines
    Students at AHS are encouraged to meet with their College and Career Advisor to discuss the college admissions process.
    In addition, students should begin researching prospective colleges using Naviance.
    Student Timelines
    The following documents are located in the Document Resources in Naviance to help students plan and navigate each year. (The Document Resources is located at the bottom of the student's Naviance Home page.) 
    Senior Folder
    - Steps for Applying to College, Senior Timeline
        - Counselor/teacher letter of recommendation instructions on flow chart
    - Steps for Applying through Apply Texas
    - Steps for Applying through the Common Application
    - Steps for Applying through the Coalition Application
     Junior Folder
    - Junior Year College Countdown Timeline
     Sophomore Folder
    - Sophomore Year College Countdown Timeline
    College Admission Deadlines
    Listed in this chart are some of the schools to which AHS Seniors apply most frequently.
    (Please remember to check the college's website frequently for updates or changes to deadlines.)

    University of Texas at Austin's Automatic Admission Policy

    Visit UT Austin's Admission Decision website for automatic admission information. https://admissions.utexas.edu/apply/decisions 

    UT Austin Memo - Automatic Admission for the 2019-2020 academic year

    UT Austin Memo - Automatic Admission for the 2020-2021academic year