• overdrive

    Overdrive is a great reading resource!  You can use this online or on a device.  
    To get started:

    Go to www.overdrive.com or download the app *free app*


    *find a library - top right of screen

    *search for Allen ISD

    *Choose Norton Elementary 

    *Visit library website

    *Select Norton from the dropdown list

    *Continue to sign on

    Single Sign On Information
    This is the same information students use for the portal or computer on campus.  
         -six digit id
         -grade level password
    Look for the blue rectangle on the left hand side of the screen.  This will take the screen to the portal.  Sign in.
    Search for a book.  A black book or set of headphones means it is available.  A gray book orset of headphones means it is checked out.  You can place a hold on the item. 
    The account person at the top of the screen will take the user to the bookshelf.  Read and enjoy, just return it when you are done so others don't have to wait.  
    Contact Mrs. Koopman with questions:  joanna.koopman@allenisd.org
Last Modified on March 24, 2020