you will be at a restaurant and will need to order your food. We will want you to:
    a. ask about food items.
    ex: How is the soup?
    b. use words like:
    quisiera (key-c-air-ah): I would like     me gustaria: I would like    pedir: to order         necesitar: to need      traer: to bring     servir: to ser    preferir: to prefer
    ex: quisiera pedir sopa de verduras.  I would like to order vegetable soup.
    ex: Uds. sirven chips y salsa aqui?  Do you serve chips and salsa here.
    ex. me trae una servilleta? (please note: there is supposed to be an accent on traeme, but I can't get the key to work..ugh!)
    c. tell me you need something: I need a napkin, a fork, etc.
    d. tell me to do something: please bring me a ________
    e. ask for the check
    f. talk to me about things you prefer...
    The big thing is talk to me!!!
    Grammar: be sure to go over your flippy/folded info. booklet
    a. Mr. Ser vs. Ms. Estar. Be sure to remember their personalities.
    Who is focused on events and location of events?
    who is worried about your health?
    who will tell you the location of things?
    who is worried about your personality, looks, physical characteristics, etc.?
    b. Stem changing verbs: write them out until you know them well!!!!
    pedir (e-i): to order/to ask for
    servir (e-i): to serve
    poder (o-ue): to be able to, can
    probar (o-ue): to try/taste
    preferir (e-ie): to prefer 
    c. Direct object pronouns: memorize them and their placement 
    a. how to find a direct object: 1. locate the verb    2. ask the verb who? or what?  I bought a gift.  Bought what?  a gift = direct object
    our goal is to replace the direct object with a pronoun. So, instead of "a gift" we will say "it"
    D.O. pronouns:
    me: me                 nos: us
    te: you                  os: you (plural)
    lo: it/him               los: them
    la: it/her               las: them 
    Rules of placement:
    Rule of 111 "Yoda Talk":
    if you have one verb, you have one placement option, it goes first BEFORE the conjugated verb.
    ex. Lo quiero: I want it  (yoda talk: it I want (but unless you are a short green jedi, we don't talk like this) 
    ex. Los necesito: I need them
    *notice the d.o.p. goes right before the conjugated verb. Nothing separates these two.
    Rule of 2's: if you have two verbs, you have two options.
    a. the d.o.p. can go before the conjugated verb (yoda style) or
    b. you can attach the d.o.p. to an infinitive
    ex:  Lo quiero leer   or     quiero leerlo
    ex. Los necesito cocinar or necesito cocinarlos
    if you have a command, attach the d.o.p. to the end of the command. If more than 2 syllables, add an accent.
    To add an accent, go to the last vowel, count two vowels to the left.
    say: "1, 2, accent over you."    Comelo:  Comelo: the "o" will get the accent. I can't get it to work on here. ugh!
    How to create a command:
    Conjugate to the tu form and drop the "-s".  Comer....comes....come (eat!)
    memorize the 7 irregular forms:
    haz: make
    pon: put
    sal: leave
    ve: go
    se: be
    ven: come
    ten: have 
    chapter 6.1 quia practice: www.quia.com/cb/842127.html 
    chapter 6.2 quia practice: www.quia.com/cb/840174.html 
    chapter 6.2 quai practice: www.quia.com/rr/953889.html