• Online Learning Resources – Vernon 2013


    Coursera    www.coursera.org

    Course work covers all disciplines, specific class start and end dates, suggests anticipated online time commitment.

    Sixty-two participating universities from around the world participate, currently offering 337 courses.


    edX    www.edx.org

    All disciplines, specific class start and end dates.

    Participating universities include Wellesley, Georgetown, U. of Texas, Ecole Polytechnic, McGill University, U. Toronto, Delft U. of  Technology, Australia University, Rice University.


    TED    www.ted.com

     Technology, Education, Design  “Ideas worth spreading”

    Short videos (2 to 20 minutes) on demand, based upon any and all subject matters imaginable.


    Khan Academy     www.khanacademy.org

    Subjects of science and math are the focus. There is a catalogue of over 300 on-demand videos available that are self paced and free of charge.


    Stanford Online    www.stanford.edu

    Sixteen free classes that are related to math, science, computer science and education. Courses have specific start and end dates.


    Princeton Open Courses     www.virtual professors.com               

    About 50 subject areas covered in on-demand video lectures. A course may have a single video or a series of up to 26 videos.


    Harvard Extension School: Open Learning Initiative    www.extension.harvard.edu/open-learning-initiative

    Contributions developed from Harvard for edX and 10 additional video lecture series are available on this site.


    Curious                curious.com     

    “Teach and be taught” for teachers.  On demand video options for lessons that are share for free or for purchase are available. Subjects cover a very broad range from cooking school, paper mache and beading, to Roman art, photography and French language and even exercise.


    Duo Lingo language acquisition   duolingo.com

    Free online learning source for learning a new language or extending/reviewing knowledge you have from a second language. There are multiple components to the learning process: an interactive exercise piece, vocabulary, speaking and/or immersion.  Current languages available are Spanish,French, Portuguese,  German and Italian. Other languages are to be added in the future.