A Waiver of Liability form is required to be signed by the Cadet's parent or guardian before participating in JROTC training.  The form can be accessed at the link below.  It can be conveniently filled out online, but it must be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is a free download if you don't already have it) in order to do so.  Simply "download" the form from the link, open it from where you saved it by right-clicking and selecting "open with", and then choosing Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Your browser will try to open the PDF in it's own proprietary PDF viewer... That viewer will not work if you want to complete the form online - you MUST use Acrobat Reader.  Once you've opened the form in Acrobat Reader, you can fill the form and then add your signature.  Once you've added your e-signature, simply email the completed form to: bruce.cole@allenisd.org.  You can, alternatively, print the form and fill it out the old-fassioned way.
    Text books can be accessed online at the links below.