What does a school counselor do?

    An Elementary School Counselor provides:
       -School Guidance Curriculum
           -classroom guidance, parent instruction, group activities
       -Individual and Small Group Student Planning
           -appraisal and advisement
       -Responsive Services
           -consultation, individual/small-group counseling, crisis response, referrals,
               peer facilitation
       -System Support
           -professional development, collaboration, program management and operation
    Elementary School Counselors help students:
      -achieve academic goals.
      -develop a better understanding and acceptance of themselves.
      -cope with life changes.
      -develop problem solving and decision making skills.
      -develop emotionally and socially.
      -begin to develop career goals.
    Elementary School Counselors help school staff:
      -understand and meet students' personal, social, emotional, academic, and
        behavioral needs.
    Elementary School Counselors help parents:
      -understand their child's emotions and behaviors.
      -access community resources when needed.
      -with strategies to use at home with problem behaviors.
      -interpret standardized test scores.
    What are some specific things Mrs. Gosdin does?
    - Classroom Guidance for all grade levels
    - Small Group Guidance for identified students
    - Lunch Bunch for New Owls
    Work with students on an individual basis for a variety of reasons
      such as:
         -behavioral concerns
         -attendance concerns
         -academic concerns
         -family/life changes and crises
         -friendship issues
    Facilitate & Promote the following programs:
         -Watch DOGS
         -Reed Character Trait of the Month program
         -Red Ribbon Week
         -6th grade programs:  AIM for Success, 7th Grade Registration