• Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program



       This reading program is for students in grades 3-6.  20 books that have been published within the past 2 years have been nominated for the Bluebonnet award.  In mid-January, students in grades 3-6 across the state of Texas get a chance to vote for their favorite book that they have read. The winner will recieve the Texas Bluebonnet Award. 

       In order for students to recieve the prividge of voting students must read 5 of the twenty books and fill out the book response form that is linked below. Rewards will be given to students who reach the 10 book goal and the 20 book goal. 


    Visit the Texas Bluebonnet website

    to see the twenty nominated books for the Texas Bluebonnet Award 2021-2022.


    Record which books you have read by filling out this form:

    2021-2022 school year recording form.