• Strategic Plan

    2015 & Beyond
    The Strategic Planning Team met on May 12, 2015 to review progress on Strategic Plan 2013 & Beyond Action Plans. Designated assignees presented their Strategic Objectives, Action Plans, and progress toward Specific Results.  
    The review of all plans brought the committee to the realization that the Specific results of the Strategic Plan 2013 & Beyond had been met because many are now part of the ongoing operations of the district and are no longer "strategic " in plan.
    The Committee agreed that the Action Plans as part of the Strategic Plans 2013 & Beyond are complete.  The resulting projects as included in the Project Kids Committee recommendations are ongoing.  We also confirmed that many of the projects that were included in the recommendations to the Board from Project Kids 2015 for the Bond Referendum on November 3, 2015 were based upon the objectives in the Strategic Plan.
    The Board of Trustees met in a July 31 Workshop to approve the District Goals for 2015-16 which have been based upon the Strategic Plan Objective for the last three years.  They also approved expansion of those objectives that will incorporate strategies to complete initiatives related to the Bond as well as some others they have determined are vital to the future of the district.  
    That expanded document is now the Strategic Plan 2015 & Beyond.  It will be the responsibility of the Strategic Planning Team to develop new Specific Results and Action Plans to guide district staff in implementing those strategies and bringing them to completion over the next several years.
    The 27 returning members and 8 new members of the Strategic Planning Team met on Friday, October 16 for a workshop in which this team reviewed the revisions of the Board that have culminated in the Strategic Plan 2015 & Beyond.  The Strategic Plan Team approved the plan and focused on writing the Specific Results and Action Plans that will bring these plans to completion. Implementation will begin upon assignment of Action Plans by the Superintendent.  An annual update of plan progress will be scheduled in Spring 2016. 

    2013 & Beyond 

    The 2013 and Beyond Allen ISD Strategic Planning process began in January 2012 with the Team of 8 and Administrators working together to revise the Allen ISD Beliefs and to develop a Vision for the school district.  On March 1 and 2, 2012 a 30 member Strategic Planning Team meeting was held with community representing parents, local business leaders, staff members and representative members of the Board of Trustees.  these meetings yielded the development of a Mission, as well as the review and utilization of the Allen ISD Graduate Profile Components as Strategic Plan Category.  On April 9, 2012, facilitators and board members created District Goals.  Action Team Leaders were appointed and trained.  Action Teams came together; they were asked to create specific action plans for each strategy, as well as to carry those results out in a step by step process.

    Action Teams met throughout September, October and November 2012 with the final proposals and approval by the 30-member Strategic Planning Team in January 2013.  The final strategic plan was presented and approved by the Board of Trustees on April 20, 2013.  The specific goals, strategies and action plans are listed in this publication.


    Vision and Mission