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    Texas Law requires a child who is at least 6 years of age on or before September first of the current school year, or who has not yet reached their 18th birthday to attend school, unless exempt by Sec. 25.086 of the Education Code. Once enrolled in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, a child shall attend school and all attendance requirements apply.
    Attendance laws are divided into two main sections. The first section of the law deals with unexcused absences which are considered truancy. Under Section 25.093 of the Education Code and 51.03(b)(2) of the Family Code, a parent/guardian commits an offense of "thwarting compulsory attendance," if a child has unexcused absences on 10 or more days or parts of days within a 6 month period or 3 or more days within a 4 week period. The offense is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not to exceed $500 per offense.
    If a child is charged with "failure to attend school" under Section 54.021 of the Family Code and 25.094 and 25.095 of the Educational Code, the child goes before a justice or municipal court and can be placed under court order for up to 6 months per offense. The court can place numerous sanctions on the child. The child is liable under compulsory attendance laws from enrollment in pre-K or Kindergarten until they reach their 18th birthday.
    The second section of the law is found in Section 25.092 of the Education Code. It states that a student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90% of the days a class is offered. These days include both excused and unexcused absences. This part of the law is commonly referred to as the 90% Rule. The 90% Rule applies through graduation no matter the age of the child. School administrators and district attendance committees enforce the rule. 
    School Hours
    School hours are 7:45-2:55. Students should not arrive at school before 7:30 am. 
    The front and side exterior doors are unlocked in the mornings and students may enter through any of these doors. The side doors are then locked at 7:45 and students should enter the front doors only.

    Students should be picked up from school promptly at  2:55 unless they are staying for tutoring or serving detention. 

    All students must be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings at 7:45. Otherwise, they are considered tardy. Students must then sign in at the front of the building and take a "pass" to their teacher. 


    At Green Elementary School, we are committed to providing a safe, happy, and orderly environment that maximizes learning for all students. We want to ensure that every student and teacher is valued and individual rights are respected. Students and staff will create a structured environment that is positive, productive, and supportive. 

    Classroom structures are in place using positive reinforcement. If the behavior is a disruption to the learning environment and the student is not able to redirect using positive reinforcement, the teacher will communicate this in the communication folder. 
    Please see your student's grade level handbook for the criteria set forth for students with multiple signatures. After-School detention could be given. Detentions are held on days determined by grade level teachers in the afternoon from 2:55-3:25.

    Severe misbehavior will result in immediate referral to the office. 

    Thursday Folders
    Every Thursday, students will take home a folder containing their work from the previous week and any flyers or information that needs to go home. Parents should review the items contained in the folder. Student's work may be kept by the parent. 

    Homework Guidelines
    The staff at Green believes that homework should be an integral part of a student's total learning experience. To derive the greatest benefit from school learning experiences, students must, at times, finish related study and follow-up work at home.

    The teacher will give careful consideration when assigning homework. Homework will have a logical purpose and will never be given as punishment. Consideration will be given to the amount of time it will take to complete the homework.

    The approximate amount of time for homework will be based on the grade level times ten. For example, the third grade would have 3 X 10, or thirty minutes of homework per day. If, on average, your student is spending more time than necessary for homework, please schedule a conference with the teacher.

    Health Concerns
    Please notify the nurse if your child has special health concerns such as asthma or allergies. 

    We request that students not attend school if he/she has had a temperature of 100 or higher or has vomited within the last 24 hours. 

    Allergic Conditions
    Parents will notify and meet with the school nurse regarding any allergic condition that may affect their student’s welfare in the school setting. Notification must be done as soon school begins or the student is enrolled.

    Character Skills
    Green Elementary will be using the district designed curriculum called, Be the One to teach character skills. It provides simple, straight-forward tools on morning announcements that quickly incorporate character education into the curriculum. There will be a "Value of the Month" focus which encourages everyone to emphasize the same aspect of each value. Two students from each grade will be selected by teachers who exemplify the character value of each month. 

    Note: Due to COVID Health and Safety Guidelines we are not able to have visitors at this time.
    For the safety of all our students and staff, please follow these guidelines when visiting the building.
    1. Visitors should sign in at the visitor's desk when first arriving and wear a visitor's badge. Teachers and staff have been instructed to question anyone not identified as an authorized visitor. Please do not be offended if you are stopped in the hallway. Remember we are trying to keep everyone safe. 
    2. If you need to make contact with your child or his/her teacher, please email the teacher to set up an appointment.
    3. If your child forgot their lunch, a book or other needed items, please bring them in and we will place them in the grade level bucket for you child to pick up. We will notify the teacher if this is needed. Please avoid bringing things up if at all possible to minimize the disruption to your child's school day.  

    Thank you for helping to keep our students and staff safe. 

    Problem Solving
    We know that sometimes you may have concerns or questions about your child's educational program at Green. When you do, we want to hear from you so that together we can address your concerns early, before they grow.
    To help us address these issues in a constructive, positive way, we would like to share the following process:
    1. Define the problem for us. What do you think may be contributing to the problem?
    2. Gather examples (e.g. child's work, assignments) that will help us better understand the problem.
    3. List several possible solutions to the problem.
    4. Contact the teacher to set up a meeting and share your information.
    With you, the teacher will 
    1. identify the nature of the concern
    2. review pertinent facts
    3. outline the next steps 
    If you are not satisfied with the outcome, contact the principal to set up a meeting. The principal will follow the same steps as the teacher in addressing your concern. Afterward, the principal will contact the teacher to share information about your discussion. 

    Food Service

    NOTE: Due to a district waiver ALL students can receive a FREE LUNCH through December 31,2020.
    Pay PAMS: Parent Account Management System
    Pre-pay for school meals at Pay PAMS: https://paypams.com/HomePage.aspx

    * Pay for your child’s meals via the Internet or telephone from the convenience of your home or office twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
     * Schedule automatic payments based on account balance.
     * View cafeteria purchases –online
     * Receive e-mail notification of balance status
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