Let's Get Creative



    My name is Aerin Bentley and I am so happy to be
    the ART TEACHER at
    This is my 22nd year teaching and my 20th at GREEN.
    I have a B.A. in ART and a M.A.T. in Elementary Education. I received both degrees at Austin College, in Sherman, Texas.
    I hold certification in 1st-8th grade as well as Special Education and ESL. I am current with all of my training in Gifted and Talented.
    In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, trying to keep plants alive, and spending time with friends and family, especially my husband, Alex  
    and our sweet boy Dex, who is a 6th grader in the GATE program at Vaughan.

    I believe that learning can be fun--we have so much energy flowing through our room. As you walk into our classroom you can just tell that something great is going on; you can sense learning. I am a facilitator of learning and I love it! Seeing their eyes widen and the light bulbs going on is my reward.


    My classroom is student-centered. All activities are designed to benefit them and their learning needs. When we learn things in school, it is essential to see the connections to the "real world."

    We have such a diverse exchange of personalities and experiences. We help each other make those connections. I see every child as an individual and appreciate their own unique learning styles. Coming to school each day isn't hard when surrounded by such amazing people.
    Can you tell I absolutely love my student artists?
    *feel confident
    *be successful
    *take pride in work and achievements
    *be compassionate
    *finish what they start
    *have fun learning
    follow me and our K-6th Grade art classrooms on twitter @greenbentleyart
    or email me aerin.bentley@allenisd.org