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    Allen ISD is using a web based software to help students and teachers manage learning. The system, called Canvas, allows teachers to organize documents, files, videos and other resources for students.  At the same time, students use Canvas to also access assignments, view videos and interact with other classmates on projects. Canvas advances the Allen ISD graduate profile and strategic plan committed to preparing students who are academically successful and effective communicators.  It is the standard way that all grades 7-12 students access content for their classes.

    To access Canvas, go to https://canvas.allenisd.org/. 
    Canvas Parent Access and Information
    The Canvas Parent app is currently available in the app store. Allen ISD is evaluating the Parent App for compatibility with our system. More information will be provided here when the evaluation is complete.
     1.     What is Blended Learning? Blended learning is the use of traditional face-to-face instructional practices supported and transformed by online technology to improve the learning process.

     2.     What is Canvas? It is a software learning management system application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational content and curriculum online.

     3.     What can students do in Canvas? Canvas allows students online access to course documents, links to information and assignments, and allows students to submit work 24/7 whenever they are connected to the Internet.  Canvas provides a landing point for students to access course materials and has a built in calendar that pulls data from all courses to help students with their time management skills.  Students are also able to set up reminder notifications both by e-mail and text message. Using Canvas, students should never be at a loss for when assignments are due, what resources are to be used, and the rubric for assessing grading.

     4.     What is parent access in Canvas?  Parents have access to Canvas. Parents are observers in courses and can see assignments, files, quizzes, instructional websites and videos. Parents are able to view their child's postings in discussions. Parents can also view quizzes but not take quizzes. Parents will really enjoy the virtual calendar, as well as communication through announcements, messages and notifications.  To reset your Canvas password, go to Password Reset LinkFor further information, contact your student's teacher or campus principal.

     5.     Why do we have Canvas and Skyward? A learning management system was requested during the 2012 Strategic Planning Process.  Canvas was selected with input from central and campus administrators and teachers.  Allen ISD will continue to use Skyward for students and parents to view student grades, attendance, and report cards online.  Skyward is our main student information system that is used for state reporting and other essential district functions.

     6.     Why would a parent check Canvas and not Skyward?  Canvas will show parents assignments and learning activities. Skyward will not have this information. Skyward is the official gradebook and will have grades.

     7.     Why do my child’s grades in Skyward not match those in Canvas?   Teachers may grade paper assignments by hand and put those straight into Skyward. The overall grade for a course in Canvas does not indicate the student’s current grade for that class. It only includes the scores for assignments completed in Canvas.  Not all assignments are completed in Canvas.  Remember, Skyward is the official gradebook.

     8.     Why does the District use different products? Can’t we just have one service that does it all? The District would also like to consolidate systems; however, we have found that no one product meets all of our instructional, communication, and data needs.

     9.     How often should I and/or my student check Canvas?  We recommend that parents check Canvas once a week. You may also set up notifications to be sent to email or phone via text.  See the video below.  Students should check Canvas daily—for assignments, announcements, changed due dates, etc.


     10. How do I view the Canvas calendar?  Your calendar will have a color for each course your student is enrolled in. Colors can be changed for those courses for each student as well. See the guide and video below.

     11. Why is the calendar blank? We recommend that teachers use Canvas to set automatic due dates. If the calendar is blank, please email the teacher to request a due date. 

     12. My student says that Canvas was down last night, and he could not submit his assignment, is this true? While glitches do happen rarely, we (kiddingly) call this the virtual dog ate the virtual homework. 

    During the last three years, Canvas has not been down at night. We have experienced some slowness during the school day.  Students, during the day and night, may experience phone or internet glitches. Our recommendation is to use a laptop instead of a phone, check the home internet connections, and restart and redo.  Students should always click the help button in the upper right hand corner and submit a ticket with a screen shot if they experience issues at night.  Depending on the time of day or night, we usually respond immediately or within a few hours. Please know that we can check student log in and page view history if you have questions.

     13. Should I email the teacher via his/her district email account or Canvas messaging? Either will work.  Please remember that teachers are busy with students all day and with family events in the evening and during the weekends.  If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours during the school week, please email the campus administrator. 

     14. Does Canvas have a mobile app? Yes, Canvas (from the Instructure company) has an app for Android and Apple devices. A mobile browser may also be used on these devices.

     15. If you have a problem when working in Canvas there is a help menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.  You can click on this for the Canvas help guides or to report a problem email canvas@allenisd.org.


    Parent Observer Guide 


    For further information, contact your student's teacher or campus principal or send an email to canvas@allenisd.org.

    Canvas Parent App
    The Canvas Parent app is currently available in the app store. Allen ISD is evaluating the Parent App for compatibility with our system. More information will be provided here when the evaluation is complete.  
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