• Things Seniors Need to Know in the FALL


    Starting back to school in the fall canbe overwhelming for students.  There is a lot to be done and therealization that college begins in just over a year can be a bitdaunting.  It really helps to break things down into small steps to seethe progress being made.


    1.  Meet with the high school counselorand/or the College and Career Center Advisor.

    2.  Review the transcript. Request one from the enrollment office, and check it carefully for errors.

    3.  Get on mailing lists ofschools of interest.

    4.  Go to collegepresentations.  Many colleges send representatives to high schools to talkwith students.  This is an excellent way to learn more about the schoolsand to ask any questions that may have come up in the college planning process.

    5.  Make a list of applicationdeadlines and supporting materials needed.

    6.  Check the testing requirementsfor the colleges being considered and get signed up.

    7.  Ask for letters ofrecommendation.  Be sure to give two weeks’ notice well in advance.

    8.  Get started on completingapplications.

    9.  Begin thinking aboutessays.  If the application requires essays, look over the prompts andbegin jotting down ideas for the essays.

    10. Sign up for a FAFSA PIN.  Toapply for financial aid, both parents and students must have a PIN.

    11. Sign up with the NCAA Clearinghouseif planning to try out for varsity collegiate sports.

    12.Breathe!  Most of the things on this list don't take a huge amount of timewhen spread out.  It's waiting till the last minute that makes themoverwhelming.