• Parent Information
    Per the Student Handbook provided by AISD (pages 71-72):    
    • "Students are required to wear the proper attire for physical activity while attending physical education class. That attire includes comfortable clothes and shoes that provides support while active."   Please note that if your child does not wear the correct shoes, I will send home a reminder note. This is a reminder and not a behavioral note.  The student will also be given an alternative activity to do for the duration of class. 
    • "A student missing more than five (5) consecutive days of physical activity due to illness or injury must bring a statement from a doctor or health clinic verifying the illness or condition that caused the student’s extended inactivity. Students who are temporarily restricted from participation in physical education will not actively participate in skill demonstration but will remain in class to learn the concepts of the lessons."  Please note that per our campus policy, if a child misses Physical Education, then they must also miss recess.  The handbook states 5 days of physical activity which includes recess and is not limited to Physical Education only.