• Aquatic Science Syllabus-Ms. Witt                 

    Room A121

    Email: Felicia_Witt@allenisd.org

    Phone: 469 319-6127


    Course Objectives:

    This course is an introductory aquatic science course for 12th grade students interested in possibly pursuing this area of study in college, or just to gain an understanding of different types of aquatic ecosystems.

    Aquatic Science Fee:

    $20--for Fieldtrip to the Dallas World Aquarium.


    Topics Covered:

    Safety & History of Aquatics          Properties of Water             Oceanography          Freshwater

    Pollution/Conservation                  Brackish & Saltwater           Taxonomy    

    Weather & Upwelling                     Microorganisms & Plants   Invertebrates             Vertebrates



    Graded Material

    Percentage of your grade



    Daily Work, Homework, Quizzes


    Signature Labs & Projects



    Tutoring Sessions:








    Jason Nickal A115

    Royce Reynolds A125

    Jason  Nickal  A115

    Royce Reynolds A125

    Jason Nickal  A115


    Felicia            Witt        A121


    Felicia  Witt    A121

    Felicia     Witt       A121


    Karen Kaiser A215

    Karen Kaiser A215

    Karen       Kaiser         A215

    Karen Kaiser  A215


                      Binder/Notebook (For taking class notes, homework, labs, Quizzes, Tests)

                      Pencils/Pen         Colored pencils/Markers               Gloves (non-latex) for dissections


    Tests are announced in advance and posted on the calendar for the nine weeks. You are responsible for all materials covered in class, in the text, in lab, and in homework.


    Cheating & Plagiarism:

    Cheating and plagiarism will have severe consequences. In addition to a discipline referral copying, cheating, or helping another person on a test will at a maximum result in a 70% on the retest or alternative assignment for all involved. An assignment, such as a formal lab report, copied from another student, the Internet, or any other source will at a maximum result in a 70% on that assignment or an alternative assignment.


    Testing Policy:

    If a student fails a test they may have the opportunity to retake the test for a 70. They must bring all of the current notes with them for the test.


    Tardy Policy:

    If you are not in class, you cannot learn the material. You are expected to be in the room when the bell rings or you will be sent to your house office for a tardy slip.


    Hall Passes:

    Hall passes must be filled out and signed before any student leaves the room. Do NOT ask to leave the room during a lecture, quiz or exam.


    Late Assignments:

    Any assignment not turned in on time is considered a “Late Assignment.” Late Assignments may be turned in no later than two (2) school days for a maximum grade of seventy (70%). Any work turned in after the allotted time will result in a zero.


    Class Expectations:

    • Respect the rights of all individuals in class

    • In your seat and ready to work at the bell

    • Prepared for class daily

    • No food allowed in the class/lab

    • Bathroom-Please Do Not asks to go during a lecture, quiz or exam.

    • Accept responsibility for your actions: The Choice IS YOURS!



    • Discipline Reminders

    • Contacting Parents/Guardians

    • Office Referrals (Depending on the situation/severity)