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     Course Objectives

    ·      Students will be given the opportunity to introduce, practice, and master the following objectives:

    o  Grammar

    o  Creative writing skills

    o  Academic writing skill

    o  Research skills

    o  Reading analysis skills

    o  Vocabulary

    Classroom Behavior/Expectations:

    1.   Listen when the teacher is talking

    2.   Follow directions quickly!!!

    3.   Raise your hand for permission to speak and/or leave your seat

    4.   Be prepared(have your agenda book, IR book and paper)

    5.   Be on time

    6.   Be productive

     EverydayClass Supplies

    ·      Binder

    ·      Pen (blue or black)/ Pencil

    ·      Highlighter

    ·      Notebook Paper

    ·      Tangerine (by September 16th)

    ·      Agenda

     Student Responsibilities

    ·       Keep an organized and complete binder. 

    ·       Maintain an agenda to keep up with due dates for homework, essays, and extended projects.  Please review the late work policy in the student handbook and Curtis website.

    ·       Give your whole effort each and every day.

    ·       Ask questions and ask for help.

    ·       Bring supplies (pen and paper) to class every day.

    ·       Treat the teacher, the other students, and the substitute teachers with respect, kindness, and caring AT ALL TIMES.

    Parent Responsibilities:

    ·       Help keep your child organized for this class and others.

    ·       Make sure your child is maintaining an agenda.

    ·       Contact the teacher with concerns or questions about your child’s progress.

    ·       Remember that your child will struggle with the material at some point in the year. Be patient and let them meet these challenges on their own. They WILL do GREAT!

    Make-Up Work and Late Work:

    ·      Students will have one day for each day missed to make up assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to get his or her make-up work from the teacher when they return to class.

    ·      There will be a penalty

    ·      Please see Student Handbook for grading regulations regarding tests and quiz retakes.


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