Week of 9/16

    Reading: Students will retell and paraphrase texts, up to the point that they have read, in logical order. Students will assess their reading grit, fluency, and set goals to grow as a reader. 


    Writing: One way writers revise their writing is by finding the most important part (heart) of their stories and adding descriptive details to show the significance of those parts. Writers begin new paragraphs in their writing when there is a new subtopic, when time has moved forward, and when a new person is speaking.


    Math: Students will practice using the standard algorithm when adding and subtracting three digit numbers. Students will learn why we round numbers and how to round two and three digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred on a number line. 


    Science: We will start our Energy Unit. Students will be exploring thermal and light energy. 


    Social Studies: Students will use a timeline to place events in chronological order. Students will learn the impacts particular individuals had on the founding of our country, including Pierre L’Enfant and Benjamin Franklin.