Week of 3/16


    Reading: Students will identify the claim, explain the difference between facts and opinions, and identify the intended audience for an argumentative text.


    Writing: Students will revise their speech to have strong introductions and conclusions. They will publish and share their writing with others.


    Math: Students will practice reading analog clocks to the nearest minute and use terms such as half past, quarter till, and quarter after. Students will also practice finding elapsed time, start time and end time when determining solutions to problems involving time intervals.


    Science: Students will Observe and describe the physical characteristics of environments and how they support populations and communities of plants and animals within an ecosystem. Based on given information on environments, students wiill determine which animals most likely live there.


    Social Studies: Students will identify individuals, past and present, including Henry Ford and other entrepreneurs in the community such as Mary Kay Ash, Wallace Amos, Milton Hershey, and Sam Walton, who have started new businesses. Students will also identify scientists and inventors, including Jonas Salk, Maria Mitchell, and others who have discovered scientific breakthroughs or created or invented new technology such as Cyrus McCormick, Bill Gates, and Louis Pasteur.