• Course Description: United States History is a survey course that studies the United States from the post-Civil War period through the present. Students study the social, cultural, political, and economic changes that took place in an America progressing from an agricultural nation to a position of world influence. Political policies from the "Square Deal" to the "New Deal" are presented to the students to compare and contrast with current domestic policies.
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    Course Goals: As a result of participation in this course students will:
    - Understand our cultural heritage;
    - Develop judgment based on logical thinking;
    - Use of oral communication skills to discuss controversial issues;
    - Understand the relationship between the government, economics, and the average citizen;
    - Study different cultures' ideas and religions;
    - Investigate the major forces that have shaped the world and its people;
    - Trace origins of current issues;
    - Read and analyze college-level material in preparation for college level testing