FA History Syllabus



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FA History Syllabus

 7th, 8th grade Functional History

Course Syllabus

Course Overview: This functional history course uses an interactive approach to the study of History, incorporating many different styles of learning. We will use technology, written accounts, and hands-on work to learn about the history of the United States. We will cover the main events of U.S. History, important people, and we will look at what makes each state unique. This course will also emphasize skills associated with reading and writing with a special focus on citizenship and values. While all essential grade level TEKS are addressed, material covered is aligned and differentiated to meet the student's IEP.                                                                                                                

Grading System: Grades will be based on daily participation and the work each student completes in their history journal. Journals will be checked and graded each week. There will be several tests throughout the year that will also count towards the student's total grade.


Homework: Students may have homework assignments in order to enrich their educational experience. Homework may include such things as an assigned task with a checklist, worksheets, and on going projects, etc.


Texts: There will not be a text book for this class, material will come from many varied sources and be in several different formats.