FA ELA/Reading Syllabus



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FA ELA/Reading Syllabus

7th,8thgrade Functional Language Arts

Course Syllabus

Course Overview:

The functional language arts class is an integrated approach to the study of English, incorporating reading and writing skills. We will read passages from a varied and wide source of materials. Each student will improve his/her writing skills through the  exploration of a variety of writing strategies, daily practice, and writing assignments. Writing will be practiced with pencil and paper and electronically. Word usage, grammar, and editing practice are studied directly and through the writing process. Reading fluency, comprehension, and analysis are developed through oral and silent reading, reading responses and direct instruction. Vocabulary enrichment, expansion of word attack skills, prefix/root word study, and phonics are practiced throughout the year. While all essential grade level TEKS are addressed, material covered is aligned and differentiated to meet the student’s IEP.


Grading System:

Grades will be based on daily assignments/class participation.There will be at least one reading project each semester that will also count toward the student’s grade. A test over each week’s spelling words will also count toward grading.



Students may have homework assignments in order to enrich their educational experience. Homework may include such things as a reading passage or writing practice.



Books for this course will be provided as necessary.