• Help!  I'm having trouble with Canvas!  What do I do?
    Log in trouble?  Its the same log in info as Skyward.  If you are unable to log in, try a password reset in the library.
    Where is my assignment?  Always click on Modules (on the left of your screen on a desktop/laptop or mobile device if Canvas has been accessed through a web browser or at the top of your app) and select the appropriate Unit and then all of your assignments will appear.   
    Portability issues?  The Canvas app is good, but not great.  Sometimes just logging on through the web browser on your phone or computer works better than the app.
    I'm trying the app, but don't know the URL to set it up?  canvas.allenisd.org
    How can I access Canvas from a web browser without having to look up my teacher and click on the link? canvas.allenisd.org 
    Browser compatibility?  Canvas works best when used through Google Chrome or Safari.
    My video assessment is cut off? Try using a web browser instead of the app.  With touch screens, the magical place to touch the screen to scroll can be elusive.  On a desktop, maximize your window so your scroll bars will show.  I'll also start including a link to the video assessment instead of just embedding it.
    My video assessment is missing?  I haven't figured that one out yet.  Maybe an app glitch or using a not-so-compatible browser.  I will begin including the URL links to the assessments instead of simply embedding them. 
    Is there help through the Canvas website?  http://guides.instructure.com/s/2204
    Why won't my video play?  There are some compatibility issues with some types of devices and/or app vs. full website hangups. For instance, I cannot play the videos through the Canvas app on my iPad, but I can play them on my iPad if I access Canvas through Safari.  I think there are also some Android vs the video hiccups.    
    When all else fails...come in before school, after school, during 1st or 8th period (with one of the physics teachers on duty), or visit the library (videos should be available for checkout on DVD) and ask your teacher for a hard copy of the video assessment.
    Don't give up and don't panic! Email me with specific issues and I'll help you resolve them.