• Contagious

    To protect other students from contagious illnesses, students infected with certain diseases are not allowed to come to school while contagious. If a parent suspects that his or her child has a contagious disease, the parent should contact the school nurse or principal so that other students who might have been exposed to the disease can be alerted.
     A student is excluded from school if illness is evidenced by a temperature elevation of 100 degrees F or above. A temperature must remain within normal range for 24 hours, without analgesic medication, before the student returns to school. A student with recurrent diarrhea is excluded from school for 24 hours. Diarrhea is defined as loose, watery stools three or more times in a day. If a student has had medication to help relieve constipation, such as miralax, and the student has minor cramps with loose stool, this would be the intended effect of the medicaiton and not considered diarrhea. A student with vomiting may return to school the next day as long as the vomiting has completely subsided, no fever has been present for 24 hours and is not having diarrhea.