• Student and Employee Citrix Remote Access to H: Drive from Home

    Elementary students (grades 3-6) who have a home computer with internet service, Microsoft Windows, and Internet Explorer can access the AISD network remotely. Students can access files on their AISD H: drive (Home Drive) and Microsoft Office applications (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word) through the Citrix Web Client. 

    These instructions assume you are using the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer as your browser.

    1. Log onto the computer with a user that has administrative rights to the computer.

    2. Open Internet Explorer.

    3. Go to the website sr.allenisd.org. A “Welcome to Teacher and Student Resources” screen will appear.

    If you have already installed the Citrix Web Client on your computer, you may use your normal network login name and password to access the AISD network.  Your Login Name is your student ID.  Students log in just as they do when they are on campus.

    If you need to install the Citrix Web Client on your computer there's a link located on the “Welcome login screen.  Or, for Windows Operating systems installation instructions, Click Here
    4. Once logged in, students will click on the icon labeled Student Desktop. You should then see the desktop applications, shortcuts, My Computer, and My Documents. Be sure to save any files on your H drive at school.
    5. To end the session, click on the Start button, then Logoff. Then click on the Log Off link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
     Note: Student login hours are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the school year. Please note, that network access may be interrupted during routine server maintenance.


Last Modified on February 13, 2020