• The test covers pages: 6-12: subject pronouns, subjects vs. verbs, where are you from, vocabulary, introductions, goodbyes, greetings, etc.  
    Outline of test:
    a. listening section
    b. writing section
    c. punctuation: you need to remember accents, upside down question marks and exclamation marks, periods, etc.
    d. unscramble sentences
    e. determine subjects and verbs in sentences
    f. identify subject prounouns 
    It is so important that you ACTIVELY STUDY!!! You can:
    1. work through activities in your book. page 9 activity #6, page 10 activity 9, page 12-13 activities on both pages, page 14 activity 16 and page 15 activity 18.
    2. play a few review games. click on these links to practice:
    *these are good for review and light practice.
    3. For learning and forcing you to improve your knowledge:
    CARDS: listen and practice: http://quizlet.com/26903938/flashcards
    Learn: type what you see and find out if you have it write. They will correct you. This is really GOOD! http://quizlet.com/26903938/learn
    Test: this is a practice test. Good stuff! http://quizlet.com/26903938/test
    Speller: type what you hear. REALLY GREAT! Hard, but worth the effort. http://quizlet.com/26903938/speller
    Game/Scatter: fun. Good review. This is review not learn and study. worth the time. http://quizlet.com/26903938/scatter
    Race: Fun...tough...after all the work you have done...this is good. Beat the game! https://quizlet.com/26903938/spacerace 
    4. complete and check your packets. Show me the completed packet for a 2 point bonus on the day of the test only.