• 2019 Sky Ranch Medical Information for 5th Graders


    In order for everyone to have a safe and healthy experience at Sky Ranch, there are some requirements parents/guardians need to be aware of.  Sky Ranch is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13 -  Friday, November 15, 2017.


    1)    Each child going to Sky Ranch must have a completed Camp/Trip Medical and Emergency Information form turned in.  



    2)    If your child takes any medication (daily or as needed), we must also have an AISD Medication and Authorization Form for EACH Medication and for EACH Student. Medication forms are available Allen ISD Health Services Medical Forms


    3)    The district is now able to provide Tylenol, Cough Drops, Benadryl, and Burn Free Topical Gel for overnight trips. If you are giving permission for these medications to be given to your child, please check the boxes on the Camp/Trip form!


    4)    If your child has medication that is already in the clinic, new medication authorization forms must be signed.  


    5)    If your child takes medication for allergies or asthma, we will also need a copy of their action plan if there is not one already on file in the clinic.


    6)    All other over-the-counter medication must:

    ·        Have an AISD Medication Request form with a physician/health care provider signature authorizing the order. 

    ·        Be provided by the parent/guardian in a sealed/unopened properly labeled, original container.

    ·        Please be aware that chaperones cannot, by district policy, administer medication (except to their own children).



    It is preferred that all medication be turned in by Friday, November 8th. We have 125 students going to Sky Ranch and for the safety of all of our students, I cannot take medications past Monday, November 11th. All medications are organized on a spreadsheet to help ensure that each student gets their medication at the right time and place. Last minute medication drop offs make it difficult to stay organized and prepared. I thank you for your consideration in advance.



    7)    Please be sure that we have up-to-date emergency contacts for you on the Camp/Trip forms. In the event of an illness or emergency, we want to be able to contact you in a timely manner. Also, please be aware that if your child needs medical attention by a physician or develops a contagious condition, you will be requested to pick up your child at the camp.


    8)    If there are any new medical concerns you would like us to be aware of, please contact the nurse to discuss.  Chaperones will be made aware of anyone in their group that has a medical condition unless you request in advance that it be kept confidential.


    If you have any questions regarding medications, please feel free to contact the school nurse. We are looking forward to working with you to ensure your child has a healthy and wonderful learning experience at Sky Ranch.



    Nicole Omoregie, BSN, RN