Off-Campus Physical Education

  • OFPC Jeff McCullogh

    Jeff McCullough
    Off-Campus PE Coordinator

  • 2020-2021 OCPE Fall Applications are closed at this time.  Spring registration will be open 11/1 thru 12/29.

    OCPE Payment Link Options:
     OCPE Manual 2020-2021  (Updated 5/30/20)
    * if you feel an agency is missing or would like a new agency considered, contact the OCPE Coordinator


    FALL 2020 Application & Payment Links will open on June 1-August 7

    * Applications are accepted June 1-one week prior to Fall Semester beginning or November 1-one week prior to Spring Semester beginning
    * Applications must be completed, payment received, agency approved, & OCPE coordinator approved before counselors may schedule the student for Off Campus PE.
    * Be sure to read all instructions and the manual in its entirety.  Once students have been approved for OCPE, payment is non-refundable.
    Absences:  All absences due to OCPE competitions will be considered "absent" for attendance purposes.  These can be changed to "excused" if a parent note and supporting documentation (i.e. an event program with the student's name) are received within 3 days of the absence.  Students must still remain in compliance with the 90% attendance rules. Seniors: absences, even though "excused", will still be considered absent for the sake of exam exemptions.
    NOTICE:  For ALL Category 1 students with Late Arrival or Early release:  If late arrival/early release is requested, the expectation is that the student is not to be on campus during the assigned OCPE class time (1st period or last period, depending on which has been requested).  Students are not permitted to remain on the campuses if they are not being directly supervised by an assigned teacher.  "Study hall" classes do not exist.  Sitting in the library is not an option.  It is the burden of the parents and student to make arrangements for transportation during these times.
Last Modified on August 11, 2020