• Look Within





    2019 - 2020 PTA Reflections Program Theme is:


     “ Look Within ”




    Due Date and Place:  October 30 to Art Room or Office



    Reflections is about:      Creativity expressed through the arts.  Works are judged by their creativity, originality and interpretation of theme.


    Categories for Entry are:


                                               *  LITERATURE


            • PHOTOGRAPHY

            • VISUAL ARTS





              What are the Rules?          Each student must fill in an official entry form that is signed by a parent or guardian and secured to their work.  Parents, friends, and teachers cannot help you.  Your project must be yours alone.  Be sure to explain how your work relates to the “Look Within” theme!  This is very helpful to the judges.  The following are basic rules.  Detailed instructions are available with the official entry forms.  All forms and rules may also be found online at your school’s PTA website.


              What about Literature?              Remember the theme!


    • Think about “Look Within” and what it means to you.  Be creative.


    ·         Your entry can be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, song lyric (words), or a story.


    • The entry must be shorter than 2,000 words on any kind of paper, not to exceed 8½ by 11.

    • Write on one side only and put your name on the back of each page.

    • Place 3 copies of your entry in a manila file folder with your entry form stapled at the top only - of the back of the folder on the outside.

    • If you have questions about how to present your entry, please let us know.  We are happy to help you.



      What about Music Composition?


    • Original composition with or without lyrics.

    • 5 minutes or shorter submitted in CD format (submit 2 copies in plastic or cardboard holders).

    • Notation required for grades six (6) through twelve (12). See rules for details.

    • Put your name, grade, school and state on the CD and the holder.

    • Place 2 copies of CD (in holder) in a large envelope

    • Secure the entry form on the outside of the envelope with masking tape.

           What about Photography?


    • Original black-and-white or color image or a group of images, produced by a photographic process.

    • Images may be manipulated conventionally or digitally.

    • Should demonstrate proper techniques such as depth of field and exposure

    • No larger than 11”x14” including mat (no frames).

    • Mount all prints on a cardboard mat, poster board, or some other sturdy material.

    • DO NOT add graphics over the image and NO WORDS or lettering!

    • Secure entry form on the back in a page protector (plastic sleeve) with masking tape; print your name, grade, school and state on the back of the artwork.


      What about Visual Arts?


    • An original print, drawing, painting, collage, photographic collage, metal etching or punch work, fiber work, or computer-generated artwork.

    • All entries must be flat and not exceed ”.  Work must be 2-dimensional.

    • Sculpture will NOT be accepted.

    • Entries can be no larger than 24”x30” including mat.

    • Mount all paper or canvas entries on sturdy cardboard mats, but not in wooden, metal, plastic or glass frames.  Do not exceed ” thickness!

    • DO NOT put your name on the front and limit the words and writing on your piece.

    • Secure entry form on the back in page protector (plastic sleeve) with masking tape; print your name, grade, school and state on back of the artwork.


      What about Dance Choreography?


    • Original choreographed dance composition no longer than 5 minutes, and recorded on DVD or CD.  Provide 2 copies.

    • Up to 3 performers are allowed; the choreographer does not have to be a performer.  Costumes are not necessary, but if used, see rules for details.

    • Acceptable file formats include: .MPG / .MPEG; .MOV / .QT; or  .WMV  and should be saved as a DVD / CD file, not as a DVD / CD movie.

    • On the entry form, list dance performer(s) names & details of background music (include song title, composer, and song performer name).

    • Label the DVD or CD and plastic or cardboard holder with your name, grade, school, and state.

    • Place in large envelope; and secure the entry form outside with masking tape.


      What about Film Production?


    • Original work of fiction or non-fiction in the categories of animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, or media presentations (see rules for details).

    • You must be the director, screenwriter and cameraperson. If you want to be in the production, you may use a tripod for the camera.

    • Entries may not exceed 5 minutes; they must be recorded on DVD or CD.

    • Acceptable file formats include: .MPG / .MPEG; .MOV / .QT; or  .WMV  and should be saved as a DVD / CD file, not as a DVD / CD movie.  Provide 2 copies.

    • Label the DVD or CD and plastic or cardboard holder with your name, grade, school, and state.

    • Place in large envelope and secure the entry form outside with masking tape.


      Still have Questions?  Please Contact:    

      Ms. Manes at souksanit.manes@allenisd.org

    • or see Webpage at https://www.allenisd.org/Domain/941, see Reflections Info;

    • OR go to http://www.txpta.org/reflections-participation




    2019-2020 PTA Reflections Program | STUDENT ENTRY FORM  - Look Within

    Please type or print clearly in black or blue ink (do not use pencil). This form must be completed in its entirety.

    If additional space is needed, please continue onto the back or a separate sheet of paper and clearly mark with your full name.

    The student or at least one person from their primary household must be a current member

    of the Local PTA/PTSA where the student is participating. Encourage members to join before judging begins.

    REQUIRED PTA MEMBER NAME(S): _________________________ CHOOSE ONE: Current Member. Date Joined: ___________

    Please contact me! We need to join.

    The best way to contact me is by: _________

    STUDENT NAME: ______________________________________________________ GRADE: _______ AGE:_______ M/F: _______

    MAILING ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

    CITY: ______________________________________________________________ STATE: _______________ ZIP: _______________

    PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME(S): __________________________________________________________________________________

    PARENT/GUARDIAN PHONE: _________________________________________ E-MAIL: ___________________________________

    SCHOOL NAME: _________________________________________ SCHOOL DISTRICT: _____________________________________

    TEACHER NAME: ________________________________________ TEACHER EMAIL: _______________________________________

    _________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

    Signature of student Signature of parent/legal guardian (required if child is under 18 years)

    Ownership in any submission shall remain the property of the entrant, but entry into this program constitutes entrant’s irrevocable permission and consent that PTA may

    display, copy, reproduce, enhance, print, sublicense, publish, distribute and create derivative works for PTA purposes. PTA is not responsible for lost or damaged entries.

    Submission of entry into the PTA Reflections program constitutes acceptance of all rules and conditions. I agree to the above statement.






    *Please refer to the Special Artist Guidelines if you believe your entry qualifies for this division.

    Special Artist entrants should select both their grade division and the Special Artist box.

    TITLE OF ARTWORK (REQUIRED): _______________________________________________________________________________

    ARTWORK DETAILS: (Dance/Film: cite background music; Music: musician(s)/instrumentation; Literature: word count; Photo/Visual

    Arts: materials & dimensions) ___________________________________________________________________________________

    ARTIST STATEMENT (REQUIRED): Statement must be 10- 100 words describing how your work relates to the theme.





    The Local PTA MUST verify the membership of the entry prior to advancing to the next level of judging.

    Council PTAs must verify non-complete entries before advancing to state level judging.

    Local PTA Contact Name: ___________________ Phone Number: ___________________ Email: ___________________________

    Membership Verified by: ___________________ Date: ___________________

    Local PTA must attain Active Status with Texas PTA by October 31st Dues Received Board Member Information on File