• It is time to study for the test!
    Section One:
    First, let's review "De"..."de" notes...
    Now, practice: "de" practice
    Section Two:
    If you hear that someone is intellectual, what activity would they like better: videogames or reading books? You would probably assume reading books.
    So, here is an example in Spanish:  Soy extrovertida, me gustan las fiestas.  Or you might say, Me gustan las fiestas porque soy extrovertida. 
    You need to be able to tell what somone would like based on his/her personality. See if you can put some together:
    a. ellos son extrovertidos. Les gustan ____________.
    b. Mi amiga es aburrida. No le gustan _______________________.
    c. eres atletica. te gustan _______________________.
    flip it:
    d. Me gustan los libros. soy_____________.
    e. le gustan los videojuegos, es ___________________.
    f. nos gustan las peliculas de terror, somos _____________________.
    answers: a. las fiestas   b. las peliculas   c. los deportes    d. intelectual   e. perezoso   f. interesantes
    (these answers were possibilities, you probably have better ideas.)
    For more practice do activity 20 on page 58 and 22/23 on page 59 of your textbook.