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  • PJ Hoover

    Posted by Morgan Lefevre on 10/3/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Thanks to the Foundation of Allen Schools Grants we were able to bring PJ Hoover back to Ford to talk to all 7th graders about the writing process and the "Hero's Journey". PJ is a Texas author who loves doing school visits. We were so happy to host PJ at Ford for another year. #GrantInAction

    Check out her website: www.pjhoover.com

    Books by PJ Hoover:

    • The Emerald Tablet (2008)
    • The Navel of the World (2009)
    • The Necropolis (2010)
    • Solstice (2011)
    • Tut: The Story of My Immortal life (2014)
    • Tut II: My Epic Battle to Save the World (2017)
    • Pick Your Own Quest series (Connor Hoover, 2018)
    • Curse of Hera: Camp Hercules Book 1 (coming Oct. 9, 2018)

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  • Jordan Sonnenblick

    Posted by Morgan LeFevre on 2/25/2015 11:30:00 AM
    Thanks to ALLen Reads and the Foundation for Allen Schools, Jordan Sonnenblick came to Ford on Feb.20th. He talked with a small group of 7th and 8th graders, including the Mustang Readers Book Club. The students and adults, including myself, had a wonderful time listening to his humorous and serious stories of writing and research. We were even luck enough to get him in on our book club picture for the year! For more information on Jordan, please check out his website at http://www.jordansonnenblick.com/ 
    Books Jordan has written:
    • Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie 
    • Notes from the Midnight Driver
    • Zen and the Art of Faking It
    • Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip
    • After Ever After (sequel to Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie) 
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  • PJ Hoover

    Posted by Morgan LeFevre on 11/7/2014 8:30:00 AM
    In the Fall of 2014, PJ Hoover came back to Ford to visit with the 7th graders right before they started mythology. PJ talked about the writing process, her love of mythology, and her newly released book, TUT: the story of my immortal life (A 2015 Lone Star Book).

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  • Gary D. Schmidt

    Posted by Morgan LeFevre on 4/22/2013
    Thanks to ALLen Reads, Gary D. Schmidt came to visit Ford in 2013. You can check out his website at http://www.hmhbooks.com/schmidt/. Below are a list of some of the books he has written.
    • Okay for Now
    • The Wednesday Wars
    • Trouble
    • First Boy
    • Straw into Gold
    • Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

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  • PJ Hoover

    Posted by Morgan LeFevre on 1/27/2013 12:45:00 PM
    In the Fall of 2013, PJ Hoover came to visit with 7th grade English classes. She talked about A Hero's Journey, writing, and how she became an author. Check out her website at http://www.pjhoover.com/. Below are books that PJ has written.
    • The Forgotten Worlds Trilogy
               *The Emerald Tablet
               *The Navel of the World
               *The Necropolis
    • Solstice
    • Tut : the story of my immortal life (due out Sept. 2014)

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