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    Vision, Mission, Goals, and Overview of Technology use at Rountree 
    Vision of a Roadrunner:
    Rountree Roadrunners are:
         -purposefully engaged
         -effective communicators
         -adaptive decision makers
         -flexible problem solvers
    So that we can be leaders and innovators in our changing world.
    Technology at Rountree is one of many tools we believe is a integral part of the vision of a Roadrunner.   We envision an education rich in experiences supported by technology where...
    -students create and produce meaningful products 
    -students and staff collaborate locally and globally
    -students are engaged in rigorous activities to push thinking to deep levels 
    -students problem-solve in real world applications with strong command of subject matter
    -staff innovate learning experiences for students to meet their individual needs
    -our community of parents, students, staff, and community partners are engaged in open communication and collaboration
    Mission surrounding technology use at Rountree:
    We believe that all students, regardless of background, should be given the opportunity to experience, learn, create, and produce with various forms of technology.  The utilization of technology is integral to success in our rapidly changing world.  We want our students to be comfortable with and understand the basics of technology application.  With that in mind, staff at Rountree plan purposeful lessons where the use of technology is imbedded as the means to deepen the learning of students while supporting their skills with technology.
    Goals of Technology use at Rountree:
    For Students: Increased engagement in content with the ability to problem-solve in real-world situations with a command of the subject.
    For Staff: Provide the avenue to give students the opportunity to create and produce meaningful work with technology.
    For Administration: Support the students and staff in engaging activities that will result in increased learning as evidenced by success across multiple forms of assessment.

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