• Troubleshooting Tips for Polycom Phones

    Although the phones are reliable, occasionally, just like a computer, they can stand a reboot!  Or maybe you come in one morning and there is no dial tone. Rather than picking up the phone to call Technology, taking action to fix the problem should be your first option.
    Problem:  The phone has no dial tone, but all other phones in the office are working.
    Solution:  The phone is probably signed out.  If this is a classroom phone, call or email the Campus Tech and tell them your room number.  Classroom phone sign-in is the responsibility of the Campus Technician.  If this is your admin phone, follow these instructions to sign-in the phone.

    To sign in to the phone that’s been signed out:
    Tap “Sign-in”
    Tap – “Pin Authentication
    Type in your 10 digit phone number
    Tap – PIN and key in your phone PIN (default is 1313, unless you’ve changed it)Tap – “sign-in”
    Tap - "done" to start using the phone 
    Problem:  The phone does not respond when you are tapping on the "touch" menu options or you don't have the optional menu to sign out and back in.
    Solution:   It may be time to restart the phone.  This can be done using the menu options in the phone's "Settings" or an easier method might be to pull the network cord from the back of the phone in the "LAN" port.  Before you pull the network cord, make sure that you close Outlook and Skyward Gradebook if you have it open.  Keep it out for 3 seconds and then plug it back in, allowing the phone to recover and sign back in.  If the phone does not, for some reason, sign back in with your credentials, follow the steps above to do so.

    Problem:  I have forgotten my Voicemail Pin.
    Solution:   You may either try four more times to get into voicemail and then it will lock you out.  At that point, Lync/Skype will send you an email with your new temporary PIN and you may change it to suit your preference once you can get back into your message center.

    Problem:  I have forgotten my Lync/Skype PIN and can't sign the phone back in.
    Solution:  You may either reset the pin via the web using your Lync/Skype client "PIN" connection, or you may call or email Nancy Rouse to reset your PIN.  We have left most phone sign in PINS for admin users as 1313.  If you are not sure, try that first when signing in to the phone.  If that doesn't allow the phone to sign-in, call Nancy Rouse who will reset it for you.