• 2015-2016 Educational Grant Awards

    Career & Technology Grants

    Lowery Freshman Center - Maker Spaces: Helping Mold Leaders, Thinkers, and Creators! (Michelle Shaw)

    Olson Elementary - Bot Building Expansion (Tiffany Dudley)

    Story Elementary - LEGO My Makerspace! (Melissa Gonzalez)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    All Campuses - ALLen Reads (Regina Schneider)

    Allen High School - Bringing Literature to Life (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Anderson Elementary - All-Star Summer Reading (Shaunda Douglas, Aimee Hilton)

    Boon Elementary - Great Beginnings Book Club (Mary Baum, Nancy VandenBerge, Lori Wendt, Marianne Moye, Angela Butler, Heather Burgess)

    Boyd Elementary - Storyworks (Betsy Shanks, Maloree Tennison, Leigh Anne Adcock, Lizzie Solcher)

    Cheatham Elementary - Charge Your Comprehension Connection (Carin Engelbert)

    Cheatham Elementary - Favorite Characters (Gretchen Wollmuth)

    Dillard Center - Project Change (Denise Maxwell)

    Dillard Center - D*LOW (Dillard Library on Wheels) (Susie Orellana)

    Green Elementary - Summertime and the Reading is Easy! Summer Scholars (Tami Fee, Kim Douglas, Anna Levy, Sara Mayes, Carol Shinall, Pauline Fedri)

    Kerr Elementary - Put Your FACE in a BOOK! (Regena Bell)

    Kerr Elementary - “Another Book, Please!” (Kimberly Arthur)

    Lindsey Elementary - Mix It Up Genre Style (Jennifer Smith, Jaime Scott, Jeni Munden,  Liz Shaw, Susan Barr, Kendal Speck)

    Marion Elementary - Integrated Social Studies/Science with Reading (Jennifer Armentrout, Bethany McIntyre, Jamye Hall, Erin Gray, Jennifer Wright, Amanda Cleveland)

    Marion Elementary - Help! I'm Broken and I Can't Be Repaired! (Carol Fancher)

    Olson Elementary - Camp Write About It (Jennifer DeLeon)

    Reed Elementary - Keeping Kids Reading in the Summer (Brenda Steffens)

    Rountree Elementary - Storytelling is Very Compelling! (Susan Demarest, Stevie Hock, Christyn Guy)

    Rountree Elementary - Let Their Voices be Heard: Creating 'Boy-Friendly' Classrooms for Literacy (Laura Lee McQueeney)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Reads (Mary Higdon, Shelley Privett)

    Story Elementary - Munsching with James Dean (Rachel Wicks, Diana Lovell, Katie Cooley, Lisa Wright)


    ESL Grants

    Boyd Elementary - Nonfiction Spanish Reading in the Dual Language Classroom (Heather Chavez)

    Green Elementary - Spotlight On Comprehension in ESL World (Kendel Srader)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Soaring Like an Eagle (Leslie Gardner, Deena Donohue, Karren McMahon)

    Reed Elementary - Adventures with Authors (Brenda Steffens/Reed, Shelly Privett/Rountree, Ashley Barr/Boyd)


    Fine Arts Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Ukuleles in the Classroom (Charles Black)

    Boyd Elementary - Supporting Choice-Based Artists (Tracy Henderson)

    Chandler Elementary - Visual Arts Staff Development (Brandon Howell)

    Cheatham Elementary - Boosting Brains and Building Musicians (Carren Gibson)

    Curtis Middle School - Art Library (Nicole Bradrick-Files)

    Evans Elementary - Sing, Say, Dance, and Play: Teach Skills that Grow Beyond the Music (Elaine Quillman)

    Evans Elementary - Sound Pathways to the World (Elaine Quillman)

    Green Elementary - With 4 Strings Attached! (Cheryl Goodwin)

    Green Elementary - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-Art, Literature, Writing, & More (Aerin Bentley)

    Marion Elementary - Musical Instruments for the Music Room (Deborah Deverich)

    Marion Elementary - Creativity Stations (Becky Eichelberger)

    Norton Elementary - Lego Art and Math: Reusable Math, Art and Technology Projects (Cynthia Butler)

    Norton Elementary - Lights, Camera, Action for Knights Live (Stacey McGraw)

    Olson Elementary - Digital Imagery & ePortfolios (Noy Manes)

    Rountree Elementary - Puppet Masters (Jamee Arrington, Danielle Hiebert)


    Foreign Language Grants

    Lowery Freshman Center - Sister School (Martina Thompson/Lowery, Laura Soto/Boyd)


    Gifted & Talented Program Grants

    Boon Elementary - A Myriad of Possibilities…Texas Performance Standards Project Investigations (Beth Wininger/Boon, Terry Rains/Anderson,  Julie McGary/Bolin, Jane Gillette/Boyd, Diane Moore/Chandler, Karri Decker/Cheatham,  Jackie Zander /Evans, Carrie Sledge/Green, Ashley Weller/Kerr,  Jennifer Gurss/Lindsey, Beth Bell/Marion, Karen Szeryk/Norton, Tiffany Dudley/Olson, Jessica Look/Reed,  Vanessa Norman/Rountree, Michele Dickerson/Story, Beth Monson/Vaughan)

    Chandler Elementary - A Story Behind Every Face...Jug (Diane Moore)

    Chandler Elementary - 2000 Warriors Hidden Underground! (Diane Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary - Art in History: Terra Cotta Warriors (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary - Art in History: What are Civil War Slave Jugs? (Karri Decker)

    Green Elementary - Invent to Learn (Carrie Sledge)

    Lindsey Elementary - Full STEAM Ahead with KEVA Planks (Jennifer Gurss)

    Rountree Elementary - GT: Art in History: A Hands on Approach to US and World History (Vanessa Norman)


    Guidance & Counseling Grants

    Allen High School - Destination Wings (Kristy Dozier)

    Bolin Elementary - Career Cafe (Angie Mirkes)

    Ford Middle School - Growing Leaders in Allen ISD (Debra Day)

    Reed Elementary - Girls Break A Way/Boys 2 Men (Christi Stinchcomb, Adam Olsen)

    Rountree Elementary - Connecting with Parents (Michele Fesenbek/Rountree, Autumn Parsons/Boyd,  Beth Bentley/Rountree, Susan Oliver/Boyd)

    Rountree Elementary - Good Morning, Rountree (Shelley Privett, Mary Higdon)

    Rountree Elementary - Art for Love: Engaging Leaders in the Power of Creative Thought (Natalie Hernandez, Erin Chambers, Bryson Mathis)


    Math Grants

    Boyd Elementary - Blackhawk Home Math Tool Kits (Jackie Crist, Amy McAleavey, Brandee Harper, Elizabeth Hedary, Karen Leach, Carmen Mendoza, Jamie Sanchez)

    Evans Elementary - Third Grade White Boards (Katie Tsutsumi)

    Green Elementary - Concrete to Abstract: Learning Math with Manipulatives (Tamara Huffman, Susan Frick, Kathleen Holloway, Tami Fee, Christine Love, Cindy Trantham, Lisa Meyer)

    Green Elementary - Game-Based Math (Renee Hernandez)

    Marion Elementary - Kim Sutton Math Fact Fluency Program   
    (Ashly Villalobos, Meredith Martin, Deneise Griffith, Lori Sylvester, Suzanne Graham, Jane Beach)

    Olson Elementary - Otterly Delicious (Elise Pratt, Laura Ghebray, Kelly Tisdal, Sally Bonham, Lorie Nightingale, Sandy Cervantes, Gena Moya)

    Olson Elementary - Sumblox Math (Kim Isenberg, Sharla Gant, Courtney Tinch, Sam Shuttleworth, Trish Choate, Elise Pratt)

    Reed Elementary - Just a Spoonful of Rigor Helps the Confidence Go Up! (Kelli Baker, Jennifer Dingler, Ashley Nelson)

    Rountree Elementary - Pop and Adding in Kinder (Christyn Guy)

    Rountree Elementary - Hall Mall: ‘Future Financial Leaders' (Stephanie Thompson, Lisa Geib)

    Rountree Elementary - Mastering New TEKS with Manipulatives (Jennifer Carlson)

    Vaughan Elementary - MATHCOUNTS (Kyle Robison)


    Physical Education Grants

    Evans Elementary - Riders on Target for Life (Karen Fetner)

    Lindsey Elementary - Stack Attack (Connie Beaney)

    Lindsey Elementary - Forever Fitness (Connie Beaney)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Road to Success (Jason Anderson)

    Rountree Elementary - GOALS Gaining Occupational and Academic Life Skills (Audra Heins)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Running Club (Nikki Duncan)


    Science Grants

    All Campuses - Teaching Science through Inquiry (Larry Labue)

    Allen High School - Eagle Energy Stations (Kathryn Lanier)                               

    Allen High School - The Eagle's Community Garden (Heidi Reese)

    Bolin Elementary - Animals Alive (Vicki Goble-Lane, Stacy Palmertree, Sarah Rowden, Cynthia Record)

    Bolin Elementary - Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold (Shawn Heisler, Pam Engel, Elizabeth Yearwood, Breanna Daniels, Brenda Volling, Roya Azimi)

    Bolin Elementary - STEAMrollin' at Bolin! (Alicia Bell, Allyson Kennaugh, Amanda Dalton, Julie McGary, Erin Cook)

    Boon Elementary - Real World Science (Rose Neels, Clarissa Mitchell, Darla Foster)

    Boyd Elementary - Botany, Bees, and Rotting Bananas, Oh My! (Bryce Kennaugh, Katie Gray, Kelly Banks, Tammy Dykes, Dora Hawkins, Angie Ramirez)

    Ereckson Middle School - WOW Wetland Restoration (Laurie Merrick)

    Evans Elementary - Building K'NEXtions in Science (Marilyn Hamilton, Mary Anne Davis, Susan Blevins, Laura Owens)

    Evans Elementary - Awesome Animal Adaptations (Jean Anderson)

    Green Elementary - Scienterrific Science (Kelli Roberts)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Building up STEAM with Gel Electrophoresis (Adrianna Martinez Goodland, Ann Swain, Tasha Mills)

    Marion Elementary - Make My Space (Carol Fancher)

    Norton Elementary - Ecoliteracy Project at Connemara Nature Conservancy (Jennifer Chapates)

    Olson Elementary - Building the Olson Collaborative Community (Kirk Evans, Jason Klotz, Michelle Stewart)

    Reed Elementary - Letting Off a Little STEAM (Jennifer Dingler)

    Vaughan Elementary - Vaughan's Innovative Creations Club (Club V.I.C.C.) (Beth Monsen)


    Social Studies Grants

    Allen High School - History Club (Robert Jacobs)

    Boon Elementary - Investigating World Religions through Web 2.0 (Michelle Baker, Paige Self)

    Marion Elementary - Cultivating a Community of Culturally Diverse Minds (Helen Cherian, Karen Abney, Solomon Boatfield, Hayley Fraser)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Allen High School - Skill Building for Life (Julie Symanik)

    Allen High School - Best Buddies Club (Tia McVey)

    Bolin Elementary - Weighs and Means (Cathy McCraw, Brandi Pernisi)

    Chandler Elementary - The World Awaits Us (Lisa Judd, Jennifer Tyler, Connie Sedillo)

    Chandler Elementary - Wiggle Less and Learn MUCH More! (Jillian Hubbard)

    Norton Elementary - Save the Monarch Butterfly! (Nancy Garrison)

    Vaughan Elementary - DEAR Field Trip Adventures (Sarah Yonts)