• 2013-2014 Educational Grant Awards

    English/Language Arts Grants

    All Campuses - ALLen Reads (Regina Schneider)

    Boyd Elementary - Extra Extra Read All About It! (Jenna Capps, Laura Duarte, Karan Hussman, Maridee Ryan, Laura Soto)

    Boyd Elementary - A Guided Road to Reading (Tammy Dykes, Kelly Banks, Pam Knight, Alma Rodriguez, Dora Hawkins, Becca Clark)

    Boyd Elementary - Improving Our Craft: Writers' Workshop (Ricardo Alonso, Kim Dumaine, Betsy Shanks)

    Cheatham Elementary

    - Building the Classroom Library (Amy McCullough)

    Cheatham Elementary - Who Wrote It? (Gretchen Wollmuth)

    Evans Elementary - Read Naturally Live (Jen Parra, Julie Hill, Sandra Holt)

    Evans Elementary - A SAFARI Through Literature (MaryAnne Davis, Marilyn Hamilton, D'Anna Hebert, Jeanne Marie Thomas)

    Evans Elementary - Writing Like the Master (Vicki Reynolds)

    Kerr Elementary - It's Comet Time! (Regena Bell)

    Kerr Elementary - Lifelong Books for Lifelong Readers (Katie Morris)

    Lindsey Elementary - The Bluebird Project (Sharon Laney)

    Marion Elementary - A Lifetime of Reading! (Karen Abney, Solomon Boatfield, Helen Cherian, Hayley Fraser, Melody Ostrander)

    Olson Elementary - SAILING into Non-Fiction (Jenny Capehart, Janet Persch)

    Olson Elementary - Fab 5 Fluency Tubs (Beth Taylor)

    Olson Elementary - Leveled Literacy Intervention 2 (Janet Persch, Jenny Capehart)

    Olson Elementary - Literary Lunch Bunch (Beth Taylor)

    Rountree Elementary - Beyond the Page and to the Stage (Angie Tranka, Patricia Gear, Angie Jones)

    Rountree Elementary - Let's Find Out with Head Start (Jeannette Dalton, Patrice Price)

    Rountree Elementary - Summer Splash Reading (Shelley Privett, Laura Lee McQueeny, Patricia Gear)

    Story Elementary - iCan be the Future (Rachel Wicks)

    Vaughan Elementary - Vaughan Elementary After School Book Club (Cheryl Mena, Meg Latham)


    ESL Grants

    Chandler Elementary - Learning English in a Changing World (Elizabeth Williams)


    Fine Arts Grants

    Boyd Elementary - Slabs of Uniform Thickness (Tracy Henderson)

    Boyd Elementary - Who is the Artist? (Tracy Henderson)

    Curtis Middle School - Smart Music for Smart Students (Theresa Killingsworth)

    Green Elementary - Panyard Jumbie Jam (Cheryl Goodwin)

    Marion Elementary - Game Plan for the Music Room (Deborah Deverich)

    Rountree Elementary - Reflections on Rountree (Jamee Arrington)


    Gifted & Talented Grants

    All Elementary Campuses - A Myriad of Possibilities…Texas Performance Standards Project Investigations (Diane Moore, Beth Bell, Cindy Capes, Tiffany Dudley, Julie Georgas, Jane Gillette, Jennifer Gurss, Jessica Look, Julie McGary, Vanessa Norman, Terry Rains, Carrie Sledge, Cindy Stein, Karen Szeryk, Ashley Weller, Beth Wininger, Jackie Zander)

    Anderson Elementary - "Life of George" by Lego - Spatial Awareness and Engineering (Karri Decker)

    Chandler Elementary - A Story Behind Every Face…Jug (Diane Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary - Art in History: What are Civil War Slave Jugs? (Julie Georgas)

    Evans Elementary - Hidden Strength (Jackie Zander)

    Green Elementary - History Alive and Kicking! (Carrie Sledge)

    Green Elementary - Green Going Green-Alternative Energy Sources (Carrie Sledge)

    Green Elementary - Life of George-Spatial Awareness and Engineering (Carrie Sledge)

    Marion Elementary - Mystery of the Terracotta Warriors (Beth Bell)

    Norton Elementary - STEM Robotics Program (Karen Szeryk)


    Math Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Weighs and Means (Cathy McCraw, Karie Reeves)

    Curtis Middle School - Math Counts with MATHCOUNTS (Catherine Stolarski, Nancy Tallant)

    Evans Elementary - Evans Family Math Night (Robbie Lamkin, Connie Oberle, Katie Tsutsumi, Liza Mastellar, Leslie McGuire, Donna Swenson, D'Anna Hebert)

    Evans Elementary - Linking Literacy to Mathematics (Katie Tsutsumi)

    Marion Elementary - Producer/Consumer Project (Suzanne Graham, Kathryn Lee, Ruthie Holt, Lori Sylvester, Ashly Villalobos, Crede Lehmann)

    Olson Elementary - Olson Math Day (Citabra Profitt)

    Vaughan Elementary - MATHCOUNTS (Don Jung)


    Physical Education Grants

    Kerr Elementary - Walk the Walk, Step by Step: Getting Fit with Pedometers (Lisa Yost)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Outdoor Adventures Education (Dennis Bruton)

    Rountree Elementary - Keep Fit Rountree…Wii will Help! (Gena Flemmer)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Runners Running Club (Nikki Duncan)


    Science Grants

    Allen High School - AHS Environmental Awareness Team Water Conservation Project (Heidi Reese, Cory Reese)

    Bolin Elementary - Science on the Move (Iris Seria)

    Boyd Elementary - Bringing Science to the Classroom (Leigh Anne Adcock, Ale Garcia, Clint Hosey, Michael Minyard, Todd Phillips, Lizabeth Solcher)

    Boyd Elementary - It's a Zoo Out There! (Michelle Apgar, Susan Megert, Megan Harris, Amy McAleavey, Elizabeth Hedary, Carmen Mendoza)

    Curtis Middle School - We've Got to Move It, Move It! (Randy Oliver)

    Ereckson Middle School - Rowlett Creek and the Trinity River Watershed: The Connection (Laurie Merrick)

    Green Elementary - No News is Bad News (Kelli Roberts)

    Green Elementary - Owl Pellet Lab - Bringing Science to Life (Christine Love, Tamara Huffman, Tami Fee, J'aime Grey, Debby Zimmerman)

    Marion Elementary - Reading can be Scientific! (Lindy Cowan, Megan Britz, Paige Young, Jane Beach, Kim Leslie, Monica Serrano)

    Norton Elementary - Eco Literacy Project at Connemara Nature Conservancy (Jennifer Chapates)

    Olson Elementary - Apps for the Outdoors – Connecting Our Outdoor Experiences through Technology (Kirk Evans)

    Rountree Elementary - Scientific Leaders of Tomorrow (Christi Gallagher, Deanna Harris, Rosanna Leahy)

    Rountree Elementary - Healthy Veggies for Healthy Kids (Amy Bowles, Cheryl Kohlmetz)

    Vaughan Elementary - Vaughan Environmental Club (Meg Latham, Patti Gilbert, Jaime Thomasco)


    Social Studies Grants

    Allen High School – Ways of the World in AP World History (Annette Terry, Tara Gruber, Amy Terrell)

    Boon Elementary – Exploring World Religions through Web 2.0 (Sharon Allen, Paige Self)

    Green Elementary – Exploring Our New World in the ESL Classroom (Kendel Srader)

    Rountree Elementary – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! (Susan Demarest)

    Rountree Elementary – Connecting with the World Around Us – Part 2 (Mary Higdon)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School – Math Mart “Where Math Makes Cents” (Amanda Stephens, Sharon Ford)

    Allen High School – Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Boon Elementary – Let’s Leap into Learning! (Steve DeWitt)

    Reed Elementary – Field Trip Opportunities for Special Needs Students (Nancy Garrison)

    Vaughan Elementary – DEAR Field Trip Adventures (Amy Wright)


    Other Grants

    Allen High School – Operation “Hands-On” (Freda Williams)

    Boyd Elementary – Rain, Rain, Go Away (CJ Boales, Katrina Byrd, Mary Cardell, Bryan McDaniel, Rosario Seegmiller, Keni Wittgow)

    Boyd Elementary - Boyd 4-H Our Future's so Bright We Have to Wear Shades (Susan Oliver)

    Boyd Elementary - Check Mate (Kellie Latson, Jane Gillette)

    Green Elementary - With a Smile and a Click. You're in the Yearbook! (Carol Olsin)

    Olson Elementary - Texas Computer Education Association Conference (Andrew Benesh)

    Rountree Elementary - Good Morning Rountree, Rountree Needs to be Heard and Seen (Shelley Privett, Mary Higdon, Michele Fesenbek)

    Rountree Elementary - Speed Stacking For Success! (Gena Flemmer)

    Rountree Elementary - Dress for Success (Todd Fornadel, Michele Fesenbek)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Education Night (Michele Fesenbek)


    Library Grants

    Boyd Elementary - PebbleGo (Kellie Latson)

    Ford Middle School - Wonderful World of Words or W3 (Morgan LeFevre)

    Reed Elementary - Storytelling and Authors: Sharing with Our Children (Brenda Steffens-Reed, Shelley Privett-Rountree, Kellie Latson-Boyd)