• 2012-2013 Educational Grant Awards

    English/Language Arts Grants

    All Campuses - ALLen Reads

    Boon Elementary - Readers are Writers & Writers are Readers

    Boyd Elementary - Magazines are Great Reading, Too!

    Boyd & Rountree Elementary - Read, Reflect, Connect; the Book Club Experience!

    Cheatham Elementary - Making Phonics Fun

    Curtis Middle School - Not Your Dad’s Comic Book

    Evans Elementary - Read Naturally Fluency for Struggling Readers

    Green Elementary - Reading with Fluency

    Kerr Elementary - Reading and Writing – Picture This!

    Kerr Elementary - Fluency Club

    Marion Elementary - Fluency Club, Year 2

    Olson Elementary - Leading the Way with Mentor Texts

    Olson Elementary - Leveled Literacy Intervention

    Rountree Elementary - Teaching with Mentor Texts

    Rountree Elementary - Battle of the Books, Part 2

    Rountree Elementary - Scaffolding Teachers to Scaffold Students

    Rountree Elementary - Summer Splash Reading

    Rountree Elementary - Scholastic News for Second Graders


    ESL Grants

    Chandler Elementary - The Great Divide

    Chandler Elementary - Building Blocks to Learning English


    Fine Arts Grants

    Cheatham Elementary - Art For All

    Rountree Elementary - Reflections on Rountree


    Gifted & Talented Grants

    All Elementary Campuses - If Pottery Could Talk

    Chandler Elementary - Passage to Freedom Quilt Code

    Evans Elementary - Butterflies of Courage

    Green Elementary - Spinning Science


    Math Grants

    Chandler Elementary - Raising the Bar

    Ereckson Middle School - ALEKS

    Evans Elementary - Math–Out of the Box!

    Evans Elementary - Hands on Math

    Green Elementary - Every Number has a Place

    Norton Elementary - Math Lending Library

    Rountree Elementay - Math Mail


    Physical Education Grants

    All Elementary Campuses - Allen ISD Heart Challenge

    Green Elementary - Circus…Continued

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Runners Running Club


    Science Grants

    Boyd Elementary - Blackhawk Science Sacks

    Curtis, Ereckson & Ford Middle School - VEX Robotics Program

    Curtis Middle School - Our Revolving World

    Ereckson Middle School - Rowlett Creek and Riparian Restoration

    Ereckson Middle School - EMS Rocket Club

    Evans Elementary - Exploring Force, Motion and Energy

    Evans Elementary - Science Success

    Green Elementary - Sound Waves - That’s Music to my Ears!

    Norton Elementary - Science on the Road

    Norton Elementary - Ecoliteracy Project at Connemara Nature Conservancy

    Olson Elementary - Ecoliteracy Project – Focus on the Field

    Rountree Elementary - Discover the Force


    Social Studies Grants

    Allen High School - Ways of the World in AP World History

    Boon Elementary - Mastering World Religions Using 21stCentury Technology

    Marion Elementary - National Geographic Explorer Student Magazines

    Marion Elementary - Social Studies Reading

    Marion Elementary - Soaring with Social Studies!

    Rountree Elementary - Windows to the World – National Geographic Explorer

    Rountree Elementary - Connecting with the World Around Us


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School - Functional Academics Science Class

    Allen High School - Working Towards Independence

    Bolin Elementary - Weighs and Means

    Green Elementary - High Tech Fluency Tools

    Norton Elementary - Fluency & Comprehension Success the Read Naturally Way

    Reed Elementary - Field Trip Opportunities for Special Education Students

    Vaughan Elementary - Autistic Field Trip Adventures


    Counseling / Other Grants

    Allen High School - Destination Wings

    Boyd Elementary - FFA Here We Come!

    Curtis, Ereckson & Ford Middle School - 7thGrade Orientation - Transitioning to MS Successfully

    Marion Elementary - Tutors N Technology (TNT)

    Rountree Elementary - WATCHDOG

    Rountree Elementary - Flying High at Rountree


    Library Grants

    Boyd, Reed & Rountree Elementary - Authors in Allen – Sharing Our Resources

    Ereckson Middle School - Do You Have This Book?

    Marion Elementary - Check It Out!

    Rountree Elementary - Good Morning! Rountree Needs to Be Heard & Seen