• Credit By Examination (CBE)

    Credit by Examination is available for Allen ISD students having completed eighth through twelfth grades who wish to either accelerate through a high school credit course ("without prior instruction") or choose to test for credit recovery purposes ("with prior instruction"). 
    Credit by Examination registration must be approved by the counselor on the student's campus. Some courses may also require principal approval. Examinations may not be offered or approved for some courses. Please contact your child's campus for registration forms and information.
    Current legislation requires students testing without prior instruction to score 80 percent or higher on the exam(s) to earn course credit. Students testing with prior instruction must score 70 percent or higher for credit recovery purposes. Exam content is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
    Official score results will be communicated to a student's parent/guardian and the home campus after testing. If the student has met the score requirements indicated above, the campus counselor will coordinate with the student regarding any necessary schedule adjustments.