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    Program Goals are to:

    • Develop leadership and build character.
    • Create informed, patriotic, and responsible citizens.
    • Develop responsible young men and women who are physically, mentally, and morally fit.
    • Develop informed and civic-minded young adults prepared for higher education, civilian careers, and public service.
    • Instill discipline, respect, and responsibility through military-related subjects and activities.

    Course Length: One to four years.

    Course Objective: Leadership Education, more commonly referred to as Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC), is a four-year academic program. Enrollment does not obligate a student to military service. Cadets, however, must accept Marine Corps standards of discipline, appearance and training. MCJROTC is a nationally recognized program that has received accreditation by The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). The CITA Alliance includes the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-CEMS and SACS-CSMS). It is designed to instill in high school students a value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of ethics and honor.

    The primary purpose of the MCJROTC Program is Leadership Education. It prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. In order to be a good leader, one must first learn to be a good follower. As a cadet gains experience and knowledge, they will be given active, hands-on leadership responsibilities within the JROTC Program.

    The MCJROTC Leadership Education Program emphasizes the development of self-discipline, leadership, honor, integrity, and the value of community service. Citizenship training is emphasized throughout the program and reinforced by using current events and activities occurring in the Allen area, the state of Texas, our nation and the entire world. In addition, students are acquainted with basic military subjects and Marine Corps traditions, customs, and courtesies.

    The success each student achieves while in the MCJROTC Program depends to a large extent on their willingness to get involved and participate in the program. Satisfactory performance within the program will result in the cadet receiving passing grades during the academic reporting period. However, since the MCJROTC Program is structured to function much like a military organization, there will also be opportunities for cadets to develop leadership skills and to progress in rank. Promotions, especially those to the senior enlisted and officer rank, are based on a cadet’s overall performance and their demonstrated capability to assume greater responsibility. A great deal is expected from the cadets promoted to leadership positions. Cadets who accept top-level promotions also accept the additional duties and responsibilities that go along with the promotion. Conversely, top-level promotions may be rescinded if a cadet, once promoted and assigned to a leadership position, demonstrates that he/she is incapable or unwilling to put forth the time and effort to successfully meet the obligations of the grade and billet assigned.

    The Allen High School Marine Corps JROTC Program is in search of top students who excel both academically and athletically to ensure that a high caliber of leadership is maintained within the program. We strongly feel that the MCJROTC Program is a complement to the leadership development of honor students and athletes as well as service clubs and organizations within Allen High School.

    Satisfactory completion of the program can lead to preferential consideration for a service academy appointment, advanced placement credit in the Senior ROTC program, or advanced rank in the Armed Forces. The MCJROTC program is one of the Marine Corps’ contributions to assisting America’s youth to become better citizens and future leaders of America. The program produces successful students and productive adults, while fostering in each school a more constructive and disciplined learning environment. This program makes substantial contributions to many communities and ultimately to the nation’s future. It is the centerpiece of the Department of Defense’s commitment to America’s Promise for Youth through its emphasis on community service and teen anti-drug efforts.

    Course Prerequisites:

    • LE I - completion of the eighth grade and enrolled in Allen HS.
    • LE II- completion of LE-I core requirements
    • LE-III/IV - completion of LE-I/II core requirements and recommended by Marine Instructors.
    Course Requirements: All students will be required to adhere to Marine Corps JROTC Cadet grooming standards while enrolled in the program. The Cadet MCJROTC uniform will be worn normally on Wednesday each week. It must be clean and freshly pressed. All missed uniform days or failed uniform inspections must be made-up the following Friday.

    Physical training: will be conducted at least twice each month. In order for a student to participate in physical training and/or marksmanship training, parents must complete the following form(s):

    Marine Corps Youth Physical Fitness Program (YPF): All cadets that qualify to perform physical training will be required to participate in the YPF program. Many of the youth in this country are not physically able to meet the physical challenges of everyday life. Poor eating habits, lack of physical exercise and low self-esteem contribute to this desperate condition. Through the National Youth Physical Fitness Program and the National High School Physical Fitness Championships, the Foundation has been able to help thousands of kids turn their lives around. It teaches students to respect their bodies and helps them build and maintain a personal resistance to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

    The National Youth Physical Fitness Program encompasses students from kindergarten and elementary school, through junior and senior high school and college. The program is designed to complement, not replace, existing curriculum and to be easily implemented in any school situation. Students are tested in five basic exercises and are awarded scores indicative of their general fitness level. 

    Grading Scale: Grades are based on the following scale: A is 90-100; Bis 80-89; C is 70-79; Fis 69 and below. Failing Work is defined as assignment, quizzes, or projects receiving a "69" or below.

    Grading for Re-doing Work due to failure (69 and below) - Cadets will be allowed a reasonable opportunity to redo a class assignment or examination (daily quiz, unit test, etc.) for which the cadet received a failing grade. Final examinations are excluded from re-doing because they are cumulative in nature.  If a Cadet chooses the opportunity to re-do work, the Cadet can make no more than a 70 on the work. 
    Grading Make-up Work Due to Absence - Make-up work is assigned the same grading guidelines as regular assigned work. There is not a penalty for make-up work that is turned in within the district timelines - for every school day absent, the student has one school day (elementary) or one class period (secondary) for completion. We will enter a code of "M" for any work missed due to absence until the allotted time expires for the work to be made up. A zero will be recorded when the student has failed to make-up or re-do the assignment according to our grading guidelines.   
    Grading Late Work- Cadets will have three school days to turn in their work for a maximum grade of 70. 

    Uniforms: Male and Female cadets will be issued uniforms identified in the uniform cost list. Costs of replacement and cleaning are also noted. Uniforms are to be maintained in a clean and serviceable condition. Upon termination in the program, all uniforms will be returned dry-cleaned and in serviceable condition. Restitution will be made to Allen High School   MCJROTC in the event that a uniform article is lost, or presented unserviceable due to negligence. Uniforms that are returned unclean will also require restitution for the dry-cleaning bill.

    Varsity Sport and Extracurricular Opportunities: Cadets desiring to participate in the extra-curricular activities (Drill and Color Guard Teams, Marksmanship Teams and Physical Fitness Teams) will need parental consent and a sports physical prior to practicing or competing (See "Course Requirements" above for links to all required forms). After-school training for these events will begin during the second week of school. A schedule for each of the above will be published and placed on our website. Participation or non-participation in extra-curricular activities will not directly impact or influence a cadet’s academic grade.

    Scholarship Opportunities: There are many benefits to the program. The most obvious is the leadership training. The self-confidence and discipline obtained will give the cadet a decided advantage, not only in high school, but in college, the job market, or if desired, when joining the military service. Some specific advantages are:

    ROTC COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS- Chances for obtaining a college ROTC scholarship, worth approximately $250,000 are improved if a student has had MCJROTC. In addition, colleges may also give ROTC credit for MCJROTC, reducing the overall requirement for graduation.

     AMERICAN LEGION SCHOLARSHIP - Two college bound cadets will be selected upon successful completion and the recommendations of the Marine Instructors, worth $750.

     NAVAL ACADEMY NOMINATIONS- Each Senior Marine Instructor of the MCJROTC unit is allowed to nominate outstanding cadets for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. This privilege allows a cadet to circumvent competition with civilian applicants for the limited number of congressional appointments.

     HIGHER RANK FOR ENLISTMENT- If a cadet decides to enlist directly into the armed forces following high school graduation, he or she enters at a higher rank by virtue of having completed at least three years of MCJROTC.

    We treat all MCJROTC cadets with the utmost respect and dignity. In turn, cadets must make every effort to conduct themselves in a manner so as not to bring discredit upon themselves, their families, Allen ISD, or to the MCJROTC Program. If you have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to contact a Marine Instructor.


    There are also extra-curricular opportunities that will further develop, in a practical sense, those leadership skill sets learned in the classroom. Extra-curricular involvement in Marksmanship teams, Color Guard & Drill Teams, and Physical Fitness Teams also provide each cadet the opportunity to earn a letter in MCJROTC.

    Community Service and Support to Allen High School: Our students are encouraged to complete community service both on their own and as a participant in a program-sponsored community service event.  All community service is recorded in the Cadet's record and is a factor in promotion considerations.  

    Summary: The MCJROTC curriculum is an excellent tool to reinforce the character development that begins at home and the leadership skills required in the world. Additionally, cadets are able to develop a basic understanding for the importance of community service. Strong emphasis is placed on respecting others and learning excellent leadership skills. Conceptual mastery of the traits and principles of leadership will be evaluated academically in the classroom. The character development and practical leadership skill development are enhanced by participation in those extracurricular opportunities outlined above. We encourage all parents to support their student in every way possible to ensure that they get the full benefit of the MCJROTC experience.


    Promotions: All first year cadets will start out as Cadet Privates. If cadets perform exceptionally,they may receive meritorious promotions and achieve a higher rank more quickly than their peers. Promotions are not automatic and may be temporary if the cadet does not perform to the expected level or does something to bring discredit to himself/herself, the Corps of Cadets, or the school. The rank of Staff Sergeant and above, as well as Second Lieutenant and above, requires extracurricular participation in activities after school. A composite score is calculated at the end of each 9 weeks to determine the best qualified Cadets for promotion.  That composite score considers the following:

    • Time with current rank.
    • Time enrolled in MCJRTOC program.
    • Physical Fitness scores.
    • Grade Point Average at time of processing.
    • A comprehensive promotion exam.
    • Results of uniform inspections.
    • MCJROTC program standing.

    Cadets may be promoted at any time during the year in accordance with the MCJROTC unit’s need and cadet’s performance.
     However, regular promotion will be conducted based on a time in grade and academic eligibility requirements. Cadets may lose their rank if cadet fails to meet promotion or conduct criteria.

    Uniforms are provided at no cost to the Cadets.  However, if these uniforms are lost or damaged at the fault of the Cadet, he/she will bear the expence of replacing the uniform item(s).  Uniform costs are provided below:

    Uniform Item

    Replacement Cost

    Dry-cleaning Cost

    Blouse, Woodland MCCUU



    Trouser, Woodland, MCCUU



    Boots, Hot Weather J Boot



    Digital Cover, Garrison, MARP



    Dress Blue Jacket (male)



    Trousers, Men Poly and Wool Blue 



    Black Dress Shoes (male)



    White Belt



    White Cover - crown white W/Frame)



    White Gloves (male)



    Jacket, Tanker



    Slacks, Women's Blue 



    Coats, Woman’s Dress Blue (female)



    Shoes, Women’s, Black Dress



    Shirts, Women's White Quarter Length



    Neck Tab, Woman's Shirt Black



    White Gloves (female)



    Cap Service White (female)



    Waist Plate



    Web Belt



    Web Belt Buckles and Clops, E



    Sweatpants, Marine Green



    Sweatshirt, Marine Green



    PT Shorts



    Khaki Shirt-SS (female)



    Khaki Shirt-SS (Male)



    Female Undershirt, V neck, White



    Frame, Service Cap (male)



    Sock Dress or Liner, Black



    Socks, Cushion Sole, Black



    Undershirt, Man’s Olive Drab



    Undershirt, Man’s Cotton, White



    Awards Ribbons



    Ribbon Attachments



    Ribbon Bars 1-24

    $0.45 - $3.75


    Collar Devices, Anodized



    Cap Device, Enlisted Anodized



    Officer Rank Large / Miniature

    $3.90 - $4.80 / $3.25 - $3.60


    Enlisted Rank, Anodized / Black

    $4.10 - $4.55 / $3.00 - $3.45