• 2018 - 2019 English IV Syllabus

    Teacher:  Mrs. Julie Byers

    Room:  A108

    Phone:  972-727-0400, Ext. 6187

    E-mail Address:  julie_byers@allenisd.org


    ENGLISH IV COURSE OVERVIEW:  Perspective is everything.  We will explore different perspectives in our reading and writing by examining and applying various literary critical theories.


    • Unit 1: Perception is Everything.
      • In Unit 1, you will examine various texts from the perspective of Reader Response Criticism in order to determine how a reader’s background and beliefs can impact his or her perception of literature.
    • Unit 2: Evolving Perspectives.
      • In Unit 2, you will continue to apply Reader Response, Cultural, Feminist, Historical, and Archetypal Critical Theories to George Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion. You will also conduct an in-depth study of Feminist Criticism in order to apply it to various works.


    • Unit 3: The Collective Perspective.
      • Research Writing – You will develop a research question, research the question, and create a multipage response to the research question that incorporates proper MLA citation of sources.
      • In Unit 3, you will analyze William Shakespeare’s play,The Taming of the Shrew. In addition to Reader Response Criticism, you will examine the play from the perspectives of Cultural, Feminist, Historical, and Archetypal Critical Theories.
      • School copies of The Taming of the Shrew will be provided for use in class. However, if you wish to have a copy of your own in which you can take notes, you may use an e-version of the text or purchase a used or a new copy. The edition of the play used in class will be the Folger Shakespeare Library The Taming of the Shrew isbn #0451521269.
    • Unit 4: Multiple Perspectives
      • In Unit 4, you will demonstrate your ability not only to apply the critical theories to 21st century new literacies, but also to create a text that reflects multiple critical theories.




    Anything you do which interferes with your ability to learn, your fellow students’ abilities to learn, or my ability to teach is inappropriate.

    • Be on time.
    • Be ready to work until the teacher dismisses the class.
    • Bring required materials.
    • Respect others’ voices and property.
    • Be mindful of all school rules.
    • Above all else, think before you act.


    Electronic Devices : Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be used in class unless authorized by the teacher for educational purposes.  Students who ignore this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Electronics must be kept out of sight so they will not become a temptation.


    Tardies:  The door to the classroom will be closed when the tardy bell rings.  If you are not in the room at the time the door is closed, report to the nearest house office for a tardy.


    Food / Drink:  Food and drinks other than bottled water are NOT allowed in the classroom.




    Discipline issues will be handled:

    1. Teacher/Student Conference.
    2. E-mail or Phone Call to Parents.
    3. Discussion with House Principal.




    • WRITING/TESTS: 40%
      • There will be various writing assignments throughout the year. With the exception of the research paper, you may only use materials that are provided in class. Papers that use unauthorized outside sources will not be accepted. All essays will be submitted on Canvas via TurnItIn. Students that submit plagiarized papers will receive consequences in accordance with the Allen High School Academic Honor Code.
    • QUIZZES: 30%
      • Expect frequent quizzes. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make-up these assignments in accordance with the AHS make-up work and late work policies.
    • DAILY GRADES: 30%
      • Many classroom assignments will be collected as daily grades.
      • Frequently, daily grades will come in the form of journals. A journal is a record of your responses to the literature and topics covered in this course. The emphasis is on what you say, rather than how you say it. The journal topic, length requirement, and your imagination are the only limitations and will determine your grades on journals.
    • Grades will be posted on-line weekly and may also be viewed daily by your parents. Please remember that a missing assignment is labeled as “MISS” and counts as a 0 if it is not cleared by the time allowed.


    • Academic Honor Code: You are expected to comply with the Allen High School Academic Honor Code. Please refer to the Academic Honor Code for definitions of cheating and plagiarism, your responsibilities, and consequences for non-compliance.
    • Make-Up Work: You are responsible for making up the work you missed when you were absent.  I will be available during my tutoring hours to assist with make-up work.  Please refer to the student handbook for the complete AHS make-up work policy
    • Late Work: Please refer to the student handbook for the complete AHS late work policy.  Late assignments turned in according to the AHS policy will be accepted for the highest possible grade of 70.




    • Individual Supplies – for your personal use in class:
      • One notebook or binder used only for English IV.
      • Blue or black pen.
      • #2 pencils (for scantron tests).
    • Community Supplies – please donate any of the following for community use in the classroom:
      • Box of Kleenex.
      • #2 pencils.
      • Colored pencils.