•  Shark Hour
    The Shark Hour is a concept that allows for students to apply their own interests and passions in order to find a creative solution to a problem. It is classroom time devoted to self discovery and self directed learning.  This can be challenging for students, but it will eventually allow them to harness their talents and hopefully feel empowered through the process.  Please click on the images below to obtain literature on this concept and also tools to help you come up with great ideas and inspiration.  The students are given $3000.00 in Shark Hour bucks to invest in their classmates' projects when they are completed.  The top 10 students will receive a trip to iFLY in Frisco and compete in a Shark Tank with several teachers and administrators to determine an ultimate winner. 
    Genius is the act of solving a problem in a way no one has solved it before. It’s finding a not so obvious solution to a problem. A genius looks at something that the rest of the world is stuck on and gets them unstuck.”
           Seth Godin
     Genius Hour
     Field Trip for SharkHour  Shark Hour Field Trip 2014-15      
     Shark Hour field trip 2015-2016
    2017 iFLY Group
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    2017 iFLY group