Dear Parents and Guardians,


                    Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts! I look forward to working with your student, and I know that together we can experience a very successful school year. As a crucial member of your student’s learning experience, I want to make you aware of several policies and procedures in my class.


    On-Level  Nine Weeks Average:

    Tests/Major Work:                         40%

    Quizzes:                                              35%

    Homework/Daily Work:               25%

     PreAP  Nine Weeks Average:

    Tests/Major Work:                         50%

    Quizzes:                                              30%

    Homework/Daily Work:               20% 

     On-Level CMS Late Work Policy:                           

    1-3 days late: 30 point deduction

    4th day late: no credit will be given

    PreAP CMS Late Work Policy:                           

    1-2 days late: 40 point deduction

    3rd day late: no credit will be given 

    Absences/Make-up Work: Students are responsible for making up any work missed while absent. Students receive as many days to make up their work as they were absent. End of nine weeks dates may affect this policy. Make-up work can be found in the files at the front of the classroom or by speaking with me. Also, if your child is out for multiple days please feel free to call the front desk to pick up their assignments.   


    *** It is up to the student to find out what work he/she missed while absent. The students are expected to be responsible for their own assignments. 


    Mrs. Sorgen’s Classroom Expectations:

    1.       Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings

    2.      Treat everyone and their property respectfully

    3.       Always do your best

    4.      Complete all assignments neatly and on time



    1.       Warning

    2.      Teacher Detention and Call Home

    3.       School Lunch Detention

    4.      Office Referral


    Scholastic Code:   NBG72 


    Springboard Access: Our class will use the Springboard Curriculum for the entire year. Students can access the curriculum from a computer or laptop at home or school. The student will have a book that will be kept at school, but the online access will be important for two main reasons:

    1. A student ripped the homework page out of the workbook and lost it. You can print a new copy of the homework from the website.

    2. A student is absent and would like to complete the assignment at home before returning to school. This would help a student who is absent multiple days to not fall behind. 


     To login  to the Springboard curriculum, you will go to the following link:




    The student login information is below. 

    **We will be using the Level 3 Curriculum under Find Materials.


    Username: Curtis.cougar

    Password: cougars1

    School Code: 241497

    Five Minute Passing Period: Students have 5 minutes between classes. It is important that your child take care of any business on the way to class. If a student is late to first period, they will be required to check in at the front office. If late to 2nd-7th periods, they will be marked tardy for attendance. After three tardies, the office will contact the parent to discuss. As a class, we will work to be on time and use our 50 minutes of class time effectively to make us successful. 


    Supplies: It is important for your child to understand that he/she will need to come prepared every day with a pen, pencil, notebook paper, homework, and agenda book.  Each student should have his or her  choice novel EACH DAY in class.  As an 8th grader, the student is expected to exhibit maturity and responsibility while at Curtis Middle School. 


    Cheating/Plagiarism:   Cheating in any form is a major offense. Plagiarism is classified as cheating. Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s words/thoughts as your own. Cheating and/or plagiarizing will result in an automatic zero on the assignment. 


    Summer Reading: All students are required to complete the summer reading requirements for their English Language Arts course. Students new to the district are NOT exempt from summer reading. Students will complete an activity over the novel of their choice during the first two weeks of school. The students are allowed to choose any age appropriate book to read. The student needs to have finished reading and be prepared to complete our in-class activity by August 29. 


    Homework Expectations: Students should expect to have independent reading and other assignments that must be completed at home this school year. These assignments will not be given every day, but it is imperative that both parents and students understand the importance of completing these assignments when they are given.


    Tutoring and Homework Help: I will be available most mornings and afternoons for tutoring unless I have a scheduled meeting or an appointment. A student should check with me prior to attending tutorials to make sure I am available.


    BYOD: Allen ISD allows students to Bring Your Own Device. Students will have the opportunities to use their personal technology in some of their classes. Please note that the school policy still applies. If I do not give permission for your student to take out his/her electronic device in class, it is understood that this technology will not appear in class on this particular day. The school policy states that if a student is using his/her cell phone and the teacher has not given permission, the teacher will take up the cell phone and turn it into the office.


    Teacher/Student/Parent Communication:      Please feel free to contact me at any time.   Skyward/Family Access is the website that is available to you to check your student’s current grades in my class.  You will be able to see the grades for each assignment that has been graded in my class. An asterisk does not equal a zero.  It simply means the grade has not been entered. 


     I look forward to communicating with you throughout the school year. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Email is the easiest form of communication. Thank you for your time and support! Welcome to the 8th grade!



    Deanna Sorgen

    8th grade Language Arts