• The First Day

    This is a very exciting time for your child!  You are welcome to walk your child to the classroom on the first day of school.  Our hallway door will be open at 7:25am.  Please be sure your child is situated in his/her seat and then make a quick exit.  This will make it easier for your child to get his/her day started.  Please prepare your child in advance by letting him/her know that you plan to leave right away and that he/she will have a great day.  Tell your child you will be waiting to hear all about his/her day when you see them later.  We will start class promptly at 7:45am.

    Your child can be picked up from school at 2:55pm.  The students are divided into groups by their mode of transportation and are assigned to a first grade teacher for dismissal.  Pick-up for first grade students in the carpool line will be on the East side of the school in the front. Pick-up for walk-up pick-up students will be on the North side of the school near the picnic tables.      

    After the first day, students report to the cafeteria before 7:45.


    If your child is purchasing lunch, the lunch money will need to be brought to the cafeteria before school. It is very important that your child pays before school begins since payment is not accepted at lunchtime. If your child forgets to pay before school and is out of money in the account, he/she will have a stamp on his/her hand reminding you that money is needed. Your child will have two or three lunch choices each day.  The lunch menu is on the Bolin webpage.  Click on parents and find cafeteria school lunch programs.  It would help if your child knows his/her decision about what he/she wants for lunch so we can do lunch count quickly in the morning. Please discuss your child’s lunch choice each morning before arriving at school.  Your child will use the same lunch number as last year.  Milk and juice may be purchased separately if your child chooses to bring his/her lunch.  This amount will be deducted from your child's account.  Students new to the school will be assigned a number.


    Attendance/Tardy Policies

    Attendance is vital in first grade because we learn many skills each day.  In the event that your child is unable to attend school, please contact the school office.  State law requires that all students return to school with a written excuse from a parent and/or a doctor's note.   Also, please be aware a lot of the activities we do at school are difficult to send home as make-up work since we do a lot of hands-on and group learning.  

    Your child will be counted tardy after 7:56 am.  Please make sure your child arrives to school on time.  Students are permitted in the building beginning at 7:30am.  First graders need to report to the cafeteria to an assigned table if they arrive before 7:45am.  Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria in an orderly fashion to their classrooms at 7:45am.

    Classroom Help/Field Trips

    If you plan to help in the classroom or go on field trips you must have completed a background check. A new background check is required each year. This can be completed online at www.allenisd.org, click on visitors and volunteer registration.  This will let you fill out the volunteer form needed. Please do so at your earliest convenience. Background checks can take up to two weeks to be completed. We hope many of you will volunteer this year.  There are many opportunities for helping in our first grade classrooms.


    To change the way your child goes home you must send a written note or contact the front office by phone.  Your child will be sent home each day in the manner originally indicated.  We will not allow your child to go home with a friend unless we have written or verbal permission from the guardian.  If your child is riding the bus home with a friend or riding a different bus one day, the bus driver MUST have a separate note stating the change.  If a change in transportation is made after your child is at school, please contact the office before 2:00.  We don't always get a chance to check our voicemails or emails before dismissal.


    Our class will attend special classes each day including Music, P.E., and Art. On P.E. days please have your child wear tennis shoes in order to participate. These classes are 45 minutes. If your child cannot participate in recess or physical education, a written medical note is required.


    Recess is a total of 30 minutes long each day. The recess time will be divided into two fifteen minute segments. Please have your child dress appropriately based on the predicted weather of the day.


    Birthdays are an exciting time for our students!  At Bolin we do not permit any food item to celebrate the occasion.  We will make the day special for your child in other ways.  The office will also recognize your child's birthday on the morning announcements.  Birthday invitations will only be given out in class if there is one for everybody.