• Please be aware of the following procedures in the event of rain at dismissal time. If your child will be going home differently than they normally do, be sure to let the teacher know in advance. You can leave a message with Mrs. Dade at the front desk.

    We highly recommend that you remain in your vehicle and move through the carpool lanes, allowing our staff members to assist your students to the car. Be sure to place your name card in the window! Students will be kept on the covered porches in their normal dismissal spot. This is the most efficient means of pick-up during inclement weather.

    If you choose to park in the parking lot and walk up to get your student, you will need to bring your name card to a staff member at the breezeway door (glass hallway) near the gym. Staff members will notify your child’s teacher and he/she will be escorted out the brown gym door to meet you on the sidewalk. Please keep in mind that parents will not be allowed to enter the breezeway or gym and students will only be dismissed through the brown door. We appreciate your assistance in keeping the area around the door clear for our students to exit.

    If your child rides a school or daycare bus, rest assured that we will keep them inside and escort them to the vehicles quickly and safely.

    Thank you in advance for making this a smooth process,

    Bolin Elementary Staff