•       Kindergarten Policy and Procedures


    Green Folder:

    Each child will bring home a green folder daily.  It will contain your child’s behavior chart and any notes or other important information from your child’s teacher.  Please check this folder daily.  ALL written communication must be sent in the green folder. 



    Each child will need a backpack to bring to and from school everyday.  Be sure you child’s name is on the backpack.  Please check the backpack daily.  Toys are not to be brought to school or kept in backpacks.



    Each child may bring a snack for themselves daily.  Due to state nutrition laws, students/teachers cannot provide a snack to others.  Please put your child’s snack in a separate container from their lunch.  Be sure to choose something healthy.  A sports type water bottle is acceptable.  Please be sure to only fill with water, and use a leak/spill proof container.


    Student of the Week:

    Each student will be assigned a week to be our classroom “Student of the week.”  The student will prepare a poster board all about themselves including pictures.  Posters should be standard poster board size (no larger).  When it is your child’s turn, the poster should be at school on Monday, and will be returned on Friday.  This is a great way to learn about each other! 




    We will need volunteers to help this year with many things from cutting to copying.  If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form attached and return it to school in your child’s green folder. 

    **If you are interested in volunteering at school and attending field trips, you must complete a yearly (July to July) criminal background check.  This can be done by going to www.allenisd.org.


    Monthly Newsletters:

    Montly newsletters will be sent to you via email the first of every month.  It is imperative that your email address remain current so that you stay informed of upcoming events and important information. 


    Kindergarten Team Contact Information:

    *Please allow at least 24 hours for a reply from your child’s teacher.  We are often unable to check emails or make phone calls during the school day due to our rigorous teaching schedule.