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    Week of October 25th, 2021 




    We will use text features to find and learn about keywords. We will use keywords to think and talk about the central idea of what I am reading .  

    I will make text-to-text connections by noticing how books about the same topic are alike and different.


    TEKS:  (2.9Dii) (2.9Di) (2.6E)



    We will use strategies to share hard to understand concepts. 


    I will  use my knowledge of writing strategies to add to my informational texts. 

    TEKS: 2.11Bii, 2.11C


    Word Work


    We will decode and sort words with the long o CVCe, CVVC-oa, CVV-ow and VCC spelling patterns. 


    I will read and identify high frequency words from a researched based list. 


    TEKS: 2.2Bii, 2.2Bvii



    We will add and subtract two-digit numbers using different strategies.


    I will use the traditional algorithm to solve two digit addition and subtraction numbers.

    TEKS: 2.4B



    We will observe and classify how different objects move by either sliding, rolling, and spinning.


    I will identify and classify the types of movement different objects exhibit.


    TEKS: 2.6c


    Social Studies


    We will identify how public officials are selected and elected to office. 


    I will ask questions before, during and after to help me understand and gain information. 


    TEKS:  2.9C, 2.6B